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iReal 3D Mapping Software, a 3D color mapping software developed by Scantech, is specifically designed for 3D scanners (adapted to various brands). It will map the multi-angle photos taken by mobile phones/DSLRs to the 3D scan model, and obtain a high-precision, high-definition and true-color 3D model. Its algorithm combines 3D photogrammetry, AI image recognition, texture fusion, and seam line editing technologies. It provides more advanced solutions for customers in 3D digitization of cultural heritage, 3D display, VR e-commerce, 3D database construction, etc.

The semi-automatic processing flow makes the operation simpler, requires relatively low professional skills for engineers. Meanwhile, the texture processing time of each conventional item is reduced to half an hour, while the traditional process of each item takes at least 2-5 hours. In addition, because of the automated procedure, one engineer can be equipped with multiple computers to process multiple models simultaneously, which significantly improves the production efficiency and reduces production costs of making 3D color models.

Good adaptability<br>and versatility

Good adaptability
and versatility

It can meet the requirements of true-color 3D models of almost all objects. In addition, it can import stl/obj data obtained by all 3D scanner brands (Scantech 3D scanners have special optimization and better adaptability), to meet the texture needs of users with different brands of equipment.
Simple operation, <br>efficient output

Simple operation,
efficient output

Over 95% of the processes are automated. For 3D engineers, it is easy to use without special training. The highly integrated and intelligent algorithm enables engineers to complete texture creation and texture refinement (for regular models) within 30 minutes.
One-stop processing

One-stop processing

When local textures need to be refined, engineers can complete the whole process in the software through functions of seam line editing, single photo mapping replacement, one-key color leveling, and plug-in Photoshop refinement.
High resolution,<br>lossless quality

High resolution,
lossless quality

The output of a single model supports the resolutions of 4k/8K/16K and multiple 16K (full resolution) textures, which fully preserves the texture information of the original captured image, realizes zero loss of image resolution, and restores every detail to the greatest extent.
Precise mapping

Precise mapping

Natural and seamless texture fusion, texture accuracy ≤ 0.1mm, color uniformity (color consistency between multiple photos) ≥ 95%;
Image blemishes (foreign object mapping, highlights, lens contamination, etc.) ≤ 0.01%.

Work Flow



Data Collection

3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Photo Collection

Photo Collection



Model & Photo Pre-processing

Photos Color Adjustment

Photos Color Adjustment

Mesh Pre-processing

Mesh Pre-processing



Automatic extraction of photo subjects

Through AI image recognition technology of this texture mapping software, the extraction of the main parts of all photos is automatically completed (the white is the automatically recognized main part), which is used for the next step: relative orientation of photos.



Relative orientation of photos

Import all photos with one click, the photogrammetry system will automatically calculate the relative positions of hundreds of photo sets within 5-10 minutes, and complete the relative orientation of all photos.

Using the texture features (the main part) between the photos, automatically calculate, complete the relative spatial position sorting of all photos, and then build a sequence virtual camera and feature sparse vertice for all photos.

Import hundreds of photos with one click

Import hundreds of photos with one click

Sequence virtual camera

Sequence virtual camera

Reconstructed sparse vertice

Reconstructed sparse vertice



Absolute Orientation - Manual Alignment

Select a photo, place the 3D model in the same size and position as the photo, analyze the similar structural features of the photo and the model through an intelligent algorithm, complete the automatic precise alignment of a single photo and the model, and then automatically construct the spatial mapping relationship between the model and the photo with one click.

Absolute Orientation - Fine Registration

Using the matching algorithm of vertice and model to achieve millimeter-level mapping accuracy.

High-precision registration of sparse vertices obtained by photo reconstruction and 3D scanned models, further reducing the mapping error between photos and models.



Smart Mapping

1. Intelligently identify wrong textures (facula area, out-of-focus/blur area, non-object area), and automatically eliminate texture light pollution.

2. Each triangular mesh surface of the model can be associated with multiple multi-angle photos, automatically calculate and sort their texture quality, and automatically select high-quality textures with higher weights. (Weighted statistics of many parameters such as sharpness, saturation, angle, etc.) For intelligent mapping, reducing the work of manual eliminating of faculas and out-of-focus blur areas.

3. After the mapping is successful, the texture seam lines are automatically generated, and the wrong textures that are not completely removed are edited in real time, so as to realize the perfect texture fusion of multi-angle images in the 3D model.



Real-time seam line editing

Visualization, real-time editing and refinement:
For maps that are not completely matched or local maps have light pollution, out-of-focus blurred photos, etc., you can use the seam line editing tool to make precise real-time refinement.
The time to recalculate the texture can be controlled to within 1 second.

Before VS After



Photoshop plug-in

For the lack of mapping caused by light spot/foreign object mapping that exists locally in the texture or the dead angle of photography, you can link Photoshop (select the wrong mapping on the 3D model, it can be automatically aligned to the corresponding position of the texture in the Photoshop software) to carry out the texture refinement function.



One-click color leveling and feathering

The intelligent fusion processing of mappings ensures that the effect is natural and has uniformity in color:

1. Using Poisson Blending algorithm to complete the color calculation

2. Feather processing for the texture of the seam line area

Before VS After




2D And 3D Fully
Automatic Mapping

2D And 3D Fully<br>Automatic Mapping

Optimal Texture

Optimal Texture<br>Mapping




Data format 720°digital 3D model
Output format *.obj,*.ply,*.fbx,*.stl,*.off and other universal 3D formats
Resolution of texture 16384*16384、8192*8192、4096*4096
Mapping error ≤0.08+0.02*D/300 mm (“D” represents the largest size of the item, the unit is mm)
Average chromatic aberration (CIEDE2000)≤5
Image spot (Foreign object mapping, light spot, lens contamination, etc.) ≤ 0.01%
Color uniformity After multiple photos are mapped, uniform light and color to ensure that the overall color of the utensils is consistent
Mapping edge Mapping edges blend naturally and seamlessly
Mapping accuracy ≤0.1 mm


Permission Use Update  Price (US Dollar)
Duration One year One year $1,480
Permanent Permanent $5,980
Permission Use Update Price (US Dollar)
Duration One year One year $1,980
Permanent Permanent $6,980


1. Community Edition is available for free to everyone. No need to apply. The maximum resolution of texture output is 4096*4096. Have a try now!

2. To enjoy the Discount Market Price, you should at least meet one of the following conditions:
a. The end customer should purchase a Scantech 3D scanner (either from laser 3D scanner series or iReal 2E), and buy iReal 3D mapping software as an assistant tool.

b. You should use the software to create case videos that can be used for public channel promotion and comply with iReal 3D promotion rules: video of the mappping process/descriptive videos, the video content is required to not involve any intellectual property issues (mapped items, fonts, music, etc.).

If you don’t meet any of the requirements above, you should comply with the Standard Market Price.

3. Licensing: The software authorization method is online authorization (only one computer authorization is supported, and a new authorization license needs to be obtained when switching to another computer).

4. Software training: The above price does not include training, and end users can learn by themselves through video tutorials. The online Q&A and technical guidance of end users are mainly the responsibility of iReal 3D and its resellers.

5. Price policy notes: The above price policy may be adjusted according to market conditions. Pricing for services varies by region. The latest market price policy will be updated on the iReal 3D official website ( The European area adopts the EUR (€) as the unit of currency, while the extra-European countries use USD ($).

*The final interpretation of the price policy belongs to the iReal 3D team.

Can iReal 3D Mapping Software be applied to different brands of 3D scanners?

1. It can be adapted to all kinds of brands and different categories of 3D scanners (including raster type photo 3D scanner, handheld laser 3D scanner, handheld scattering 3D scanner), except for large space 3D scanners.
2. After 3D scanning, output .stl/.obj 3D mesh data, import it into iReal 3D Mapping Software, and then with the pictures taken by mobile phone/DSLR camera (refer to the photo shooting requirements), you can create a high-definition 3D color model.

What are the differences between the Community Edition and Commercial Edition?

1. Time of use: The Community Edition of the software is only for temporary trial, and does not support long-term commercial use. If the software is used too many times, the system will automatically stop the trial authorization.
2. Resolution difference: the highest mapping resolution of the Community Edition is 4K (4096*4096), while the Commercial Edition is 16K (16384*16384).
3. The differences between maps in 4K and 16K mapping are detailed in the following chart.









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