iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

iReal M3 Dual-Infrared Laser 3D Scanner

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Ex-works Price: $6,980

* Please note the price DOES NOT include taxes, import fees, computers, on-site support services (training, etc.), and any other additional costs that may include. Pricing for services varies by region. The European area adopts the EUR (€) as the unit of currency, while the extra-European countries use USD ($).

iReal M3 is a handheld color 3D scanner that comes with 3D scanning software for data acquisition and processing. It is capable of scanning various objects (industrial design objects, car modification parts, artwork, portraits, human body) in the lab or on-site. The 3D information of the scanned items can be captured smoothly and converted into standard format 3D data (.asc, .ply, .stl, .obj). Engineers can use third-party post-processing software to realize data revision/reverse design for 3D printing/production.

Infrared parallel laser lines for scanning objects of different sizes and materials

  • Various sizes (≥0.05 m)
  • Different materials (Including dark and reflective surfaces)

Infrared speckle for human body scanning and medium-large sized objects (≥30 cm)

  • Human body parts, busts, or full-body figures
  • Large and medium-scale sculptures (≥ 0.3m)
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Infrared Parallel Laser
for CAD/3D Printing
Quasi-industrial Accuracy

Quasi-industrial Accuracy

iReal M3 features a basic accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, and its volumetric accuracy reach up to 0.25 mm/m. It can meet needs of capturing 3D data in quasi-industrial scenes.

Extremely High Resolution

Extremely High Resolution

Its resolution can reach up to 0.1 mm. It can reconstruct high-resolution geometric structures and capture fine details of edges, easily handling scanning tasks for objects over 5cm.

Strong Material Adaptability

Strong Material Adaptability

It is capable of 3D scanning industrial parts, automotive exteriors and interiors with black and reflective surfaces. No powder is needed.

Adaptability on Dark and Light Colors

Adaptability on Dark and Light Colors

Compared to colored lasers, infrared light sources (invisible light) are absorbed relatively less when projected onto the surface of different colors. Thus, the New iReal M3, paired with infrared light, can bring a smoother and more comfortable scanning experience.

High Efficiency

High Efficiency

The scanning rate is as high as 60 fps, which greatly improves scanning efficiency so that engineers can get high-quality 3D data quickly.

Infrared VCSEL Structured Light
Designed for Human Body Scanning & Art and Design

Algorithmic Optimization on Human Body Scanning

Algorithmic Optimization on Human Body Scanning

● Invisible light scanning
● Hair scanning
● Automatically remove displacements caused by small movement of the scanned person
● Scanning in dark environments

Hybrid Alignment Modes

Hybrid Alignment Modes

When objects have inadequate geometric or textural features, we can use hybrid alignment mode (marker and feature alignments). Just stick several markers on featureless parts and you can align scans smoothly.

Smoother, Easy to Use

Smoother, Easy to Use

Large Scanning Area: Large field of view (FoV), up to 580 mm x 550 mm, allows for fast and accurate scanning of medium to large-sized items.
Deep Depth of Field: 720-mm scanning depth of field and better operation smoothness help you get started easily.

Without Markers

Without Markers

When objects are full of continuous, non-repetitive, and richly varied geometric/textural features, you can scan them directly with geometry and feature alignment. The target-free 3D scanning and one-button start improve on-site working efficiency.

Adaptability on Dark and Light Colors

Adaptability on Dark and Light Colors

iReal M3 is optimized to scan objects with high color contrasts thanks to its unique decoding algorithm of structured-light. With its high adaptability to different colors, the software will automatically make the overall exposure as correct as possible when 3D scanning objects with dark and light colors. It is perfect for users to embrace simple and smooth 3D scanning.

Third-party Commercial Complementary Software

iReal 3D has been committed to providing users with more professional and comprehensive 3D digital solutions to meet the different needs of various subdivided industries. There are relatively complete third-party commercial software supporting solutions in three main applications: high-precision, real-color 3D data acquisition, reverse engineering design, and 3D measurement analysis.

Reverse Engineering Design

Geomagic Design X, QUICKSURFACE, Mesh2Surface add-in

Users can choose the appropriate reverse engineering software (commercial version), which combines history-based CAD and 3D scanning data (ASC 3D point cloud/STL triangle mesh) processing to reverse engineer physical parts and convert them into digital parametric CAD Models for redesign/production machining.

3D Measurement, Inspection and Analysis

Complementary software: GOM Inspect, GOM Inspect Pro, Geomagic Control X


Users can choose supporting professional 3D measurement and analysis software, such as GOM Inspect, GOM Inspect Pro, Geomagic Control X, to evaluate scanned data in more detail. For example, they can compare the scanned data with CAD data to create intuitive color maps, inspect and analyze, and generate analysis reports that include screenshots, images, tables, charts, text, and graphics. Various detection items can also be measured, such as dimensions of specified features, volume, 3D surface area, lowest point measurement, thickness measurement, 2D section circumference, or section deviation, center distance, center distance, profile, flatness, etc. With rich and powerful functions, it can meet the daily needs of 3D measurement analysis/3D detection.

High-precision, Real-color 3D Solution

Complementary Software: iReal 3D Mapping Software

iReal 3D Mapping is an independent 3D smart software specially developed by Scantech for handheld 3D scanners. It will map the multi-angle photos taken by mobile phones/SLRs to the 3D scanning model through an intelligent and semi-automatic process to obtain a high-precision, high-definition, real-color 3D model. It is mainly used in high-definition color 3D archiving and 3D display:

3D digitalization of cultural relics/collections, analysis and detection of important samples on site (such as workpiece damage records, 3D records of vehicle damage and damage assessment, digital management of forensic evidence, criminal investigation site investigation records), creation of 3D databases for scientific research and teaching specimens (such as the establishment of medicinal material specimen libraries, Paleontological specimen database, etc.), VR e-commerce (such as 3D display of shoes), game digital asset production and other extended applications (such as 3D texture transfer, 3D surface area analysis, 3D texture expansion, etc.).

iReal 3D Scanning Software Empowers Smart 3D Scanning

  • Smart Color Map for Real-time Data Check
  • Hybrid Alignment Modes
  • Data Recovery
  • Multi-scene switch
  • Create A Background for Scanning
  • 3D Measurement Analysis
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Specifications iReal M3 Dual-Infrared Laser 3D Scanner
Dual Light Sources Type Infrared Parallel Laser Lines Infrared VCSEL Structured Light
Visibility Invisible
Safety of Lasers EN 60825 Class I Certificate (Eye-safe)
Safety of LED Lighting EN 62471 Photobiological Safety Certificate
Technology 7 Infrared Parallel Laser Lines Infrared Linear-array Structured Light (Speckle)
Scanning Characteristics Ability to Capture Texture Yes Yes
Rapid Scan Mode / Feature/Mixed/Texture Alignments
High-accuracy Scan Mode (on Object) Markers Alignment
Human Body Scanning / -Invisible Light Scanning

-Hair Scanning

-Adapt to Dark Working Environments

-Automatically Remove the Displacement Caused by Human Movements

Scanning Range Optimal Scanning Distance: 400 mm
Optimal Scanning Distance Range: 300-650 mm
Effective Scanning Distance Range: 280-1000 mm
Max. Field of View: 400 x 240 mm Max. Field of View: 580 x 550 mm
Recommended Object Size 0.05-4 m 0.3-4 m
Outdoor Scanning① Support
Scanning Speed Max. Scanning Speed Up to 60 FPS Up to 15 FPS
Fineness Point Distance 0.1-3 mm 0.2-3 mm
Accuracy Basic Accuracy② Up to 0.1 mm
Volumetric Accuracy③ Up to 0.25 mm/m
Data Output Output Formats *.obj, *.stl, *.ply, *.asc, *.mk2, *.txt, *.epj, *.apj, *.spj, *.sk
The Ability for 3D Printing Yes
Hardware Built-in Camera Pixel 1.3 Megapixel
Working Temperature Range -10~40℃
Interface USB 3.0
Scanner Dimensions & Weight Dimensions: 140×94×258 mm; Weight: 856 g
Power Source INPUT: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
OUTPUT: 24=3.75A, 90W MAX
Compliance Certifications CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, RoHS, EN 60825, EN 62471, WEEE



① The scanner supports capturing monochrome 3D data outdoors. We suggest not scanning the colorful textures under direct sunlight. Please do not calibrate under direct sunlight.

Basic accuracy: The deviation between the sphere diameter and the standard value is obtained by scanning a 100-mm calibration reference sphere in the marker alignment mode.

 Volumetric accuracy: The deviation between the center distance of the spheres and the standard value is obtained by scanning the 1000-mm traceable length artifacts in the marker alignment mode.

The parameters in the table are obtained from the above testing method. Please purchase industrial 3D laser scanners from SCANTECH 3D if you have higher requirements for accuracy consistency or need high-precision 3D scanners.


* Our company reserves the right to explain and modify the described parameters and pictures in the brochure.

iReal M3 Structure Introduction

iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

Technical Principle

iReal M3 adopts two light sources: parallel infrared laser lines and infrared VCSEL structured light, to complete optical measurements based on the triangulation principle.

Working principle of infrared parallel laser 3D reconstruction: iReal M3 projects seven infrared parallel lasers onto the scanned object, which was deformed by the geometry of objects, and its two sets of calibrated industrial cameras will capture the laser beams on the object. Then corresponding spatial coordinates (X, Y, Z) of the laser beams can be calculated according to the image parallax obtained by the cameras. In this way, we can continuously acquire the dynamic 3D information of laser beams when using the 3D scanner. By scanning and alignment, we will get serial 3D point cloud data, which can be encapsulated by the software to generate the corresponding 3D model (3D mesh model).

The principle of 3D reconstruction by infrared VCSEL structured light is quite similar, differing only in the light source and projection. It involves projecting a non-periodic random digital scatter onto the object’s surface, and the morphology of the random digital scatter is then modulated by the information on the object’s surface. Due to the randomness of the digital scatter, the height information of any point on the object surface can be uniquely determined by the tiny field of the scatter image there, and thus the 3D information of the object surface can be accurately measured. The 3D point cloud data (.asc/.ply) of the object surface is obtained by scanning and stitching from multiple angles, and then the point cloud is reconstructed to form a triangular mesh by the meshing algorithm, and the 3D model of the object (.stl/.obj) is obtained.

What is included in the standard configuration of iReal 2E handheld 3D scanner ($3,980)?

Packaging Details:

The package of iReal 2E 3D color scanner includes a 3D scanner body, a waterproof carton packaging, and a carton outer packaging.

Standard Configuration:

Component Quantity
3D Scanner 1 pc
Master Plate 1 pc
USB 3.0 Cable 4 m 1 pc
Power Adapter 1 pc
Reflective Marker (inner diameter 6 mm, outer diameter 10 mm) 2000 pcs
Waterproof Case 1 pc
iReal 3D Scanning Software 1 set
Software Dongle 1 pc
Warranty of iReal 2E 3D Scanner 13 months

Warranty: 13-month (begins on the date of delivery).

Training: two hours of online training and remote tutorial when there is a use problem.

The standard configuration DOES NOT include taxes, import fees, computers, on-site support services (training, etc.), and any other additional costs that may include.

You can find more detailed package information on iReal 2E here.

What is the price of each accessory of iReal 2E 3D color scanner?

iReal 2E Accessories
Product Identifier End User  Ex-Works Price
Master Plate for iReal 2E $200
Software Dongle USB Only $200
USB 3.0 Cable 4 m for iReal 2E $120
USB 3.0 Cable 12 m for iReal 2E $220
Waterproof Case for iReal 2E $150
Power Adapter for iReal 2E $60
Marker- Ø6 mm, 1X2000 $50
Marker- Ø3 mm, 1X2000 $50
Magnetic Marker- Ø6 mm, 1X100 $30
Power Adapter International Plug Sets $50
Scantech Battery Pack with Charger USB $1,500
Grid Target Net, 1130*670 mm, Grid 120*120 mm $160

What are the requirements for computers for running iReal 3D scanning software?

Recommended computer configuration (minimum):
CPU processor: i7-10750H and above.

Memory: 32G and above.

Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1660Ti and above.

Independent video memory: 4G and above.

USB 3.0 interface.

Windows 10/Windows 11 system 64-bit.

Recommended computer model (minimum configuration):
Dell G15 (CPU processor with Intel i7 standard voltage; memory needs to be purchased/increased to 32G/64G by yourself).

Note: iReal 2E does not come with a computer, you need to purchase it yourself. It is recommended to use the brands and models recommended by us to avoid instability during scanning. When scanning items over 2 m and the resolution ≤ 0.5mm, the computer memory is recommended to increase to 64G and above.

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