Unboxing Experience of iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner


The iReal 2E color 3D scanner uses invisible infrared structured light and is priced at $3,980. It is an entry-level product for professional-grade 3D scanners with high-cost performance. Previously, many users have shared the unboxing experience of the iReal 2E color 3D scanner on the Internet. We have also made an unboxing video of the iReal 2E 3D scanner. Today, to let everyone feel the product packaging, the standard accessory of iReal 2E, and the user experience of iReal 2E, we will take you to experience the unboxing of iReal 2E in this article so that you could make a better purchase decision.

1. Product packaging

When we received the package of iReal 2E, the scanner was placed inside a carton as shown in the picture below.

iReal 2E Outer Package

After opening the carton, you can see that the top is covered with a layer of black foam, which mainly acts as a shock absorber during transportation. The iReal 2E 3D scanner is wrapped under this.

iReal 2E Black Foam

After removing the foam, what comes into view is a black waterproof case.

iReal 2E Waterproof Case

This is a black matte dust-proof and waterproof case with a sturdy material that can not only undertake the risks of international shipping, but also provide protection for daily use. The size of the waterproof case is 36*28 cm and the weight is only 5.2 kg. Therefore, it is very lightweight whether it is carried out for work or daily carrying.

iReal 2E Case

When you open the box, you can see that the black foam is also placed inside the waterproof box. On the one hand, it can prevent the wear and tear of the instruments and accessories, which has a good protective effect. On the other hand, it can also better prevent the equipment from being damaged during transportation, which may cause a reduction in precision. Next, let’s turn our attention to the iReal 2E 3D scanner and its accessories. It can be seen that the equipment and accessories are wrapped in separate sealed bags to avoid friction and loss during transportation.

iReal 2E Package

2. The 3D scanner and its accessories

Next, let’s get to know the iReal 2E 3D scanner and its accessories one by one.

Unboxing iReal 2E

The first is the iReal 2E 3D scanner, which weighs only 750 grams, making it very small and light.

iReal 2E

The front consists of three sets of cameras (all 1.3 million pixels), above which is a set of black and white camera and an intelligent fill light system, from top to bottom: light source module, start/pause scan button, black and white camera, and color camera. On the back of the scanner are intelligent indicator light, power socket and data transmission port.

It should be noted that the cameras above and on the left are black and white cameras, and the right side is a color camera. When using the color scanning mode, the color camera will collect texture information and automatically map it to the 3D model. Therefore, when scanning, pay attention to the alignment of the common field of view of the three groups of cameras with the scanned item.

iReal 2E Product Structure

If you purchase the standard configuration of the iReal 2E, along with the scanner body, you will also receive the following accessories:
Master Plate 1 pc
USB 3.0 Cable 4m 1 pc
Power Adapter 1 pc
Reflective Marker- Ø6mm 2000 pcs
Waterproof Case 1 pc
iReal 3D Software 1 set
Software Dongle 1 pc
Paper documents: delivery list, warranty card, certificate of conformity, delivery confirmation

Watch the video for an immersive experience of unboxing the iReal 2E Handheld Color 3D Scanner

3. Use Experience of iReal 2E

So, how does the iReal 2E color 3D scanner feel when scanning? One of our users Brent Wright shared his iReal 2E measurements.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the iReal 2E scanner is also equipped with its own 3D scanning software, which makes the scanning process smoother and the results more accurate. iReal 2E products have also passed many international authoritative certifications such as RoHS, FCC, WEEE, CE, etc. Its safety, environmental protection and quality have been verified by international standards and are trustworthy! The standard price is only $3,980, so the iReal 2E color 3D scanner will be an excellent entry-level product for your professional 3D scanner.