Let’s Merge Two 3D Models with iReal 3D Mapping Software


The FIFA World Cup is happening in Qatar right now. Although we can’t be in Qatar at this moment, there is no way we would miss out on this quadrennial event.

Besides watching matches through live stream, we found a unique way to express our passion for football: making 3D models of a World Cup football and mascot.

3D scanner: KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner from Scantech

Picture-taking tool: SLR camera with micro-lens

3D texture mapping software: iReal 3D mapping software

3D Scanning La’eeb, the Official Mascot for FIFA World Cup 2022

La’eeb is the official mascot for the World Cup this year, which, in the Arabic language, means a super-skilled player. We recreated a 3D model of this mascot with the help of the KSCAN-Magic 3D laser scanner and iReal 3D mapping software.

The entire process went as smoothly as always. Since the maximum accuracy of KSCAN-Magic can reach 0.02 mm, the 3D scanned data of the mascot decor is highly alike to the real one in a nearly 1:1 ratio.

la yi pu 3d sao miao

3d scanned data of la'eeb

During the photo-taking process, it will work as well if you use a decent smartphone, as long as you capture enough photos of the object from every different angle.

However, if you want to build a 3D color model with higher quality and better details, it is recommended to adopt an SLR camera with micro-lens.

take pictures with a slr camera

Import the pictures to iReal 3D mapping software to start the texture mapping.

import pictures to iReal 3D mapping software

relative orientation of photosResult of relative orientation

Absolute orientation - manual alignmentAbsolute orientation – manual alignment

high quality 3d color model

high definition 3d color model

High-resolution and color 3D modelHigh-resolution and color 3D model

Make a 3D Football to Merge with the 3D Mascot

You may have a thorough understanding of how to produce a high-definition 3D color model with a 3D scanner and iReal 3D mapping software now. It is time to level up your skill. How about we replace the golden football in the 3D model we just made?

Let’s 3D scan Qatar’s World Cup football with KSCAN-Magic. The whole process is exactly the same as making the 3D mascot.

3d sao miao zu qiu

3d data of football

take pictures of football

relative orientation of photos

manual alignment

in detail

realistic 3d model

details display

Now, we have obtained a high-definition 3D football. We will show you how to merge the two models in one.