Is iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner the Right One for You?


When buying a 3D scanner, except for the price of it, there are several core elements that need to be considered as well: what items need to be scanned, what purpose the scan data is used for, requirements for accuracy and fineness, and whether color scanning is required, etc. Considering that many customers are not sure whether the iReal 2E is a 3D scanner that meets their needs when purchasing, this article summarizes the applicable scenarios and common application industries of the iReal 2E. Read through this article to see if iReal 2E color 3D scanner is the right one for you!

Advantages of iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

1. A Large Field of View (FoV) of 580 mm*550 mm: Easy and smooth alignment for 3D scanning medium and large-sized objects (larger than 30 cm);

2. Deep depth of field from 280 mm to 1000 mm (720 mm effective scanning distance): Easy to operate and user-friendly for beginners;

3. Strong black objects and hair scanning ability: Objects with matte surfaces can be easily scanned; more than 90% of hairstyles can be scanned to obtain more complete data on humans;

4. Strong ability to identify deep and light colors at the same time: no need to manually adjust the exposure during the scanning process;

5. Invisible scanning, eye-safe technology: More friendly and safer for the scanned person;

6. Supports dark environment scanning with a better experience: More user-friendly if naked body scanning is necessary (e.g. spinal orthopedics, data acquisition of breast cancer).

7. Adaptability of light environment, no fear of outdoor scanning: Meet multi-scene scanning requirements (e.g. outdoor archaeology, plant growth phenotyping).

iReal 2E Price

3D scanner is an assistant tool for designers.

1. A 3D scanner is a perfect tool when we need 1:1 restoration of items or quick modeling of complex surfaces;

2. The purpose of buying a 3D scanner is not to replace the role of 3D designers, but to assist 3D designers in improving the efficiency and accuracy of modeling.

3. There is no scanner to solve all scanning problems of any items (similar to the lens group of SLR), and different types of scanners are needed to scan efficiently in different scanning scenarios.

4. In the cases when some items/parts are hard to be scanned accurately and completely, forward modeling can help.

5. It’s recommended to use forward modeling in the following situations: when 3D scanning some objects without complex surfaces; easy to measure dimensional information, and do not need 1:1 high precision restoration.

6. Taking good use of 3D scanners can improve the efficiency of modeling complex surfaces (reducing the cost of modeling time), reduce the requirements for senior engineers (optimizing the talent ladder structure), and thus can effectively reduce the labor costs.

7. Only by making the flexible combination of 3D scanners and forward/reverse modeling can play the maximum value of the device and can realize a digitized future.

Note: The above analysis is not completely suitable for the industrial scanners market.

iReal 2E 3D Scanner

Suitable Markets for iReal 2E

3D Portraits

1. 3D printed portraits and CG characters: Hair scan helps capture a more complete 3D model to reduce the cost of data optimization.

2. 3D art portrait: It’s hard to stay in a special pose for a long time. A large field of view and fast scanning speed help ease the problem.

3D Scanning Human Body

3D Scanning Human Body

Medical Rehabilitation

People wearing tight clothes are easier to be scanned because they have fewer geometric features. The iReal 2E with a large Field of View is a perfect tool for this condition, especially for scanning their backs and legs.

Medical 3D Scanning

Special User Groups

1. A large Field of View helps capture the baby’s 3D data at a fast scanning speed. It’s difficult to scan babies and children because it is hard for them to control their movements.

2. The function of invisible scanning offers a safer and more comfortable scanning experience to the scanned person.

3D Scanning Baby's Head

Clothes Customization

Advantages: Fast scan within 1 min, full-body scan, low cost, portable.

Miniature 3D Printing Models

Requirements of Miniature 3D printing of Characters: low requirements on details, fast scan, complete 3D data.

Advantages: large FoV, smooth scanning experience, fast scanning speed, the hair scanning mode makes data more complete, and the invisible scanning offers a better experience for the scanned person.

Miniature 3D Printing Models

Digital Sculpture

Requirements of the scanned sculptures: medium to large-sized, fewer geometric features, relatively low requirements on details, smooth alignment and complete 3D data.

Advantages: the iReal 2E has a large Field of View, which is an advantage for scanning sculptures with fewer geometric features as it can bring a smoother alignment.

3D Scanning Sculpture

City Sculptures, Stone Sculptures

Requirements: fewer geometric features on parts

Advantages: large FoV, easy alignment

3D Scanning Stone Sculpture

3D Scanning Stone Sculpture

Parts of Ancient Buildings

Situation: when 3D scanning an ancient building, the iReal 2E can play a complementary role to space scanners.

Advantages: large FoV, easy alignment, 3D color scanning.

Education, Science and Research

Applicable scenarios: Scientific research analysis of quicksand morphology, 3D digitization of rockery, acquisition of tree root morphology, and plant growth analysis and surface texture acquisition.

Advantages: large FoV, easy alignment.

3D Scanning Plants

3D Scanning Plants

Some Types of Furniture

For some types of furniture, such as sofas, the iReal 2E can help capture high-precision 3D data. The reasons are that sofas tend to have fewer geometric features and their sizes are relatively large.

Car Foot Mat, Trunk Mat

Advantages: large FoV, easy alignment. If you have a higher requirement of accuracy, it is recommended to stick markers.

Tips: Put some tissues or small items in unimportant places to make the alignment smoother.

Reverse Engineer of Car Seats

The design of car seats: lower requirement on details;

Advantages: large FoV, easy alignment, strong material adaptability.

Common Markets for iReal 2E

1. For 3D engineers and 3D printing designers: 3D art portrait, creative production and derivatives development;

2. Customization items: data support for medical rehabilitation, prosthetic cavity customization, car foot mat and car seat customization;

3. 3D digital analysis: 3D analysis for surface area, volume, body measurement, etc. (Customized clothing, medical diagnosis);

4. 3D digitization of objects: virtual display, 3D online exhibition and so on;

5. Manufacturing: batch production, scaled manufacturing, etc.

iReal 2E Handheld 3D Scanner

Now we believe that everyone who has patiently read this article has already known whether iReal 2E is suitable for you. If you are interested in iReal 2E 3D scanner or have any questions about the product, feel free to contact iReal 3D at any time!