iReal 3D Solutions Elevate Footwear Digitization to New Heights


The advancement of 3D scanning technology has injected innovative drive into the footwear industry, providing comprehensive support for its digital transformation and development along the entire value chain.

For example, using 3D scanning to redesign shoe lasts has optimized the time-consuming and manually measured errors in traditional pattern-making processes.

Additionally, 3D scanning of feet supports personalized customization services, and various types of shoe 3D scanning data can be utilized for 3D showcasing and marketing extensions on e-commerce platforms.

Screenshot in iReal 3D Mapping Software
Screenshot in iReal 3D Mapping Software

This article compares scanning results from the iReal M3 dual-infrared laser scanner and the SIMSCAN 3D blue laser scanner and focuses on how to make perfect replicating footwear in 3D.

Results Comparison of Scanning Shoes

For a more effective comparative analysis of 3D scanning data, we utilized the iReal M3 and SIMSCAN at Resolutions of 0.2 mm and 0.15 mm respectively to make 3D data capture of the shoe at the Exposure of 1.0 mm.

ireal m3 vs simscan scanning parameters

Scanning with iReal M3 3D Scanner

The iReal M3 scanner adopts dual-infrared technology, able to scan human bodies and objects. We utilized infrared laser scanning mode for capturing the 3D data of the trainer. The Model Alignment function merges two project files to create a complete model.

iReal M3 3D Scanning Process
iReal M3 3D Scanning Process

iReal M3 3D Scanned DataiReal M3 3D Scanned Data
iReal M3 3D Scanned Data

Scanning with SIMSCAN 3D Laser Scanner

For SIMSCAN, the process is identical to that of the iReal M3 – conducting two separate scans and then aligning the scanned data to create a precise 3D model.

SIMSCAN 3D Scanning Process
SIMSCAN 3D Scanning Process

The two sets of scanned data were imported into Geomagic Wrap software for a detailed comparison.

Comparing screenshots from the following perspectives, it’s evident that SIMSCAN’s scanning data is more precise, with sharper edges and more complete blind corners.

If your requirements prioritize data quality and accuracy, then the SIMSCAN laser scanner is the preferred choice, with a volume accuracy of up to 0.015 mm + 0.035 mm/m, compared to iReal M3’s volume accuracy of up to 0.25 mm/m.

However, for customers on a budget, the iReal M3 is a recommended alternative.

scanning data comparison in geomagic wrapscanning data comparison in geomagic wrapscanning data comparison in geomagic wrap
Data Comparison in Geomagic Wrap

How to Create Realistic Textures for Your 3D Models?


Most handheld 3D laser scanners on the market export single-colour 3D data without textures. Professional colour 3D scanners, while offering colour capture, often fall short compared to the cameras found in smartphones or dedicated cameras. This disparity led to the development of our texture-generating iReal 3D Mapping software.

In recent years, with the flourishing development of online shopping and the widespread application of 3D digitization and VR technology, both domestic and international e-commerce platforms and brand websites have cleverly integrated these innovative technologies into product displays.

By obtaining authentic, full-color 3D models of shoes, e-commerce platforms can achieve product-level 720°comprehensive showcasing, aiding businesses in presenting every detail of their products.

This also assists footwear enterprises in building their own 3D product databases, establishing digital archives for their products, and providing reliable data support services for online and offline shoe product displays.

Full-color 3D models can also be used for rendering product flat images, addressing the non-standardization issues of traditional photography methods while reducing the cost of shoe product photography.

This more intuitive 3D product model enables consumers to view product details comprehensively, making the use of realistic full-color 3D models crucial for attracting customers during product displays.

realistic 3d model in ireal 3d mapping software
Ultra-realistic Texture with Luminous Color

The iReal 3D Digital Solution Process

iReal 3D digital solutions utilizes a handheld scanner that offers an impressive range of data capture, combined with iReal 3D Mapping software, can make a significant difference.

Here’s the complete process: we use an iReal M3 color scanner to 3D scan a sample pair from multiple angles for comprehensive data capture. Concurrently, a DSLR camera captures numerous photographs.

These images are then imported directly into the iReal 3D Mapping software, where they are mapped onto the 3D model for photo-texturing.

ireal m3 3d scanning the shoe
iReal M3 3D Scanning the Shoe

taking photos with a camera
Taking Photos with a DSLR Camera

photogrammetry in ireal 3d mapping software
Applying Photogrammetry in iReal 3D Mapping

Achieving High-Quality 3D Models for Marketing and Sales

The final high-definition full-color 3D model is stunning, showcasing the effectiveness and convenience of the iReal 3D solution. It vividly demonstrates the effectiveness and convenience of the iReal 3D solution.

Creating high-quality 3D models can directly be used for marketing and sales activities, innovatively conveying product attractiveness to customers.

Future consumer services will be more accurate, reliable, and faster in meeting personalized user demands.

The iReal 3D digital solution aids traditional footwear enterprises in achieving an integrated online and offline business model, helping more companies enter the 3D world and create new development patterns.

Amazing Details Created in 3D
Amazing Details Created in 3D