Material Adaptability Test of iReal 2E 3D Scanner | 3D Scanning a Car Tire


Tires are essential to a car, connecting the distance between the vehicle and the ground. With the continuous development and growth of the automotive market, people’s requirements for automotive tires are also increasing.

How to ensure the quality of tires, from product design to the whole production process to simultaneously meet the needs of safety, stability, comfort, and beauty, has become one of the difficulties of many companies.

One of the core highlights of the iReal 2E 3D scanner is its superior material adaptability, so how will it perform on this black tire? One of our application engineers did a test on it.

3D Scanning a Tire

For some handheld 3D scanners, there are two significant difficulties in the 3D scanning process of this tire.

First, it has few surface geometric features, which makes data alignment challenging.

Second, the tire’s surface is black, which also increases the difficulty of data alignment and may require spraying powder on the tire to obtain a complete 3D model.

iReal 2E 3D scanner uses a combined array of structured light technology. It has a stronger material adaptability, which can 3D scan more black-and-white items. Moreover, when dark and light colors appear in the same scan object, it can directly scan without multiple exposures.

Therefore, scanning this tire with iReal 2E 3D scanner is easy for iReal 2E.

After sticking enough marker points, start the iReal 3D scanning software and connect it with iReal 2E 3D scanner. Choose the marker alignment mode and set the resolution to 1 mm. The entire scanning process took a total of 30 minutes.

The 3D data alignment was smooth, with no misalignment or missed area. If you are not skilled in 3D scanning, you need to pay extra attention to the part of the covered tire parts or the dead corners.

3D Scanning a Tire
ireal 3d scanning car tire

3D Model Display

Once the 3D scan is completed, we can see how it looks in the iReal 3D scanning software!

3d scanned data of car tyre
3d data of car tire

3d data of car tyre3D Model of Car Tire

Now we can corroborate the superb material adaptability of the iReal 2E 3D scanner on dark and light colored and white bright objects.

Besides this tire and other things with dark and light-colored features, iReal 2E can actively identify the color details during the scanning process without manually switching scanning modes, significantly improving the efficiency of 3D scanning of such objects.

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