How to Utilize 3D Digitization to Empower 3D Printing


The two technologies of 3D scanning and 3D printing have always had inseparable cooperation in the industry. The most common applications of 3D scanning in 3D printing can be seen in the following aspects: reverse engineering (such as batch automated inspection of 3D printing finished products), medical rehabilitation (such as spinal orthopedics customization, personalized precision medical solutions), art design (such as 3D printing of artworks), artistic portraits (such as 3D printing portrait customization), digitalization of sports (such as helmet customization for athletes), car modification ( such as car hood customization), cultural relics (such as miniature 3D printing of relics), paleontology (such as dinosaur fossil archaeology), etc.

The iReal 2E color 3D scanner adopts infrared invisible structured light, supports color scanning, and is suitable for scanning medium and large-sized objects and human bodies. When combined with 3D printing technology, the most widely used applications are medical rehabilitation, artistic portraits, and cultural relics. This article will show you the magic that the iReal 2E 3D scanner can bring when combined with 3D printing technology.

Medical Rehabilitation

In some ways, the iReal 2E can be seen as a medical 3D scanner. The iReal 2E 3D color scanner has such wide range of applications in medical rehabilitation mainly dues to the following advantages:

● Non-contact scanning: easy and fast acquisition of high-precision models.

● Invisible scanning: safe and comfortable scanning experience, patients do not need to worry about light radiation.

● It supports scanning in a dark environment: when naked body scanning is required, it can largely avoid the embarrassment of the scanned patient.

● Simple operation and easy to use: a large Field of View (FoV) of 580×550 mm, large scanning Depth of Field (scanning distance: 280-1000 mm), and easy alignment, so that doctors can start scanning without long-term practice.

● The highest accuracy is 0.1 mm: ensuring the data accuracy of the scanned patient and providing reliable data support for personalized precision treatment.

● Compatible data formats: the formats of the scan data include *obj., *stl., *asc. and other universal 3D formats, which can be seamlessly switched to orthopedics software, 3D printers, and engraving machines.

Case studies

1. 3D print fixation aid for tumor radiotherapy

Using a iReal 3D scanner to obtain the data of patients’ heads or chests. By producing a fixation aid that fits the body part via 3D printing, it can immobilize the positioning mask better during radiotherapy so that it will not move or slip accidentally and help the patient acquire precise treatment.

iReal 2E Medical Scanning

iReal 2E for Tumor Treatment

2. 3D print rehabilitation aid for the injured leg

By 3D scanning with the iReal 2E to obtain the data of the injured part of the patient, and then design and nylon 3D printing to make a personalized protective brace, it solves the troubles of airtightness, itching and heaviness of the traditional plaster, and makes the later rehabilitation process more comfortable.

iReal 2e 3d scanning injured leg

iReal 2E for Injured Leg Treatment

3. 3D print customized prosthetic sockets

By 3D scanning the patient’s disabled body part, and scanning the entire set of components of the conventional prosthesis, and then simulating and assembling the two sets of data.

Analyze the still and dynamic stress range of the injured part and the line of gravity of the lower limb through finite element method software; After the treatment plan is made, the prosthetic socket is printed with a 3D printer to provide patients with a more scientific and personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan.

3D print customized prosthetic sockets

Art and Design

In the application of 3D printed artworks, the iReal 2E can play a role as a 3D art scanner, this mainly benefits from the three reasons:

● It supports color scanning, which can save the cost of post-processing.

● It is easy to operate and is user-friendly even for beginners.

● The price is relatively low among professional handheld 3D scanners, only 32,800 Yuan, which is cost-effective.

Case studies

1. 3D printed human portrait-SLA printing

One-stop portrait customization services including 3D scanning – design – 3D printing – polishing and coloring.

2. 3D print customized human portrait – colorful plaster

A Tai Chi Association in Shanghai has customized a batch of unique trophies for the elderly, which were printed in full-color plaster, more realistic and beautiful.

3d printed figurine

3d printed figurine

3d scan data

3d scanned data

Digitalization of Sports

3D human scanning can not only be used in medical rehabilitation and artistic portrait creation, but also can help the development of sports.

During the preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, under the organization of the General Administration of Sports of China, the 3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center of Dongguan University of Technology (Associate Professor Li Nan’s team) joined hands with SCANTECH to participate in the research project of helmet customization for athletes of the national bobsled team.

The researchers first obtained the accurate 3D data of the athlete’s head through the iReal 3D scanner, and then customized the design according to the athlete’s head shape and tactical characteristics, and then used 3D printing technology to print the final helmet liner.

The helmet made in this way not only fits well, but also has a lattice structure design, so that the 3D printing customized helmet not only has a better protective function but also is more lightweight, which effectively reduces the pressure on athletes and helps them speed faster.

The unparalleled and exciting sporting competition is inseparable from the innovation of various industries in the 3D digitization field, and it is also a manifestation of China’s rapid development in recent years and the improvement of its comprehensive national strength. China’s winter sports are developing rapidly, to have a place in it, we have to use cutting-edge technology to inject new vitality into winter sports. We will continue to innovate our 3D technology for more competitive sports in the future!

You can view detailed story of this case study by clicking here.

Helmet Customization

Helmet Customization

iReal 3D uses 3D digitization technology to empower 3D printing, intelligently create everything and so much more. We will continue to explore more applications and cooperate with more 3D printing companies to solve the challenges that neither of us can solve separately in the 3D digitization process, provide customers with more comprehensive 3D digitization solutions, help 3D printing technology be better applied in specific applications, and bring customers from all kinds of industries to enjoy the convenience and progress brought by 3D technology.