Four International Authoritative Certifications of iReal 2E 3D Scanner


As a provider of professional 3D digitization solutions, iReal 3D has been adhering to strict compliance with domestic and international standards, investing in every step of R&D and production, and aiming to make the iReal 2E handheld color 3D scanner the world’s leading handheld color 3D scanner.

Up to now, iReal 2E has passed various rigorous tests conducted by TÜV and CTB institutions respectively and has obtained RoHS, WEEE, CE and FCC certifications. It is an important step since it represents iReal 2E has reached the barrier to entering the major markets such as China, the European Union, and the United States. The acquisition of these four certifications fully proves that iReal 2E has reached international standards in reliability, safety and environmental protection, allowing our global customers to purchase and use it without worries.

Now, let’s take a look at the significance of the four international certifications that the iReal 2E 3D scanner has obtained.

1. CE-EMC Certification

CE-EMC Certification is EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Order. The iReal 2E has passed the CE-EMC, which means that the iReal 2E scanner can work normally in the natural magnetic induction environment, and will not cause electromagnetic interference to anything (machines, organisms, etc.) in the environment. Passing the CE-EMC certification indicates that the iReal 2E has the reliability and safety of use trusted by international standards, and thus the iReal 2E can be sold in Europe.

CE Certificate

2. FCC-SDoC Certification (Federal Communications Commission – Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity)

FCC is the abbreviation for Federal Communication Commission. It has made clear requirements on EMC (electromagnetic interference) for electronic and electrical products in the US market. Electronic and electrical products need to obtain FCC certification before they can finally enter the US market.

iReal 2E has undergone strict electromagnetic interference compliance testing by professional institutions (the device will not cause any harmful electromagnetic interference, and can also accept any electromagnetic interference), and finally obtained the FCC-SDoC (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity), indicating that iReal 2E meets international standards in safety compliance. The iReal 2E, which holds the FCC-SDoC statement, can not only be sold and circulated normally in the US market, but also can be sold on global mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

FCC Conformity

3. RoHS Certification

The full name of RoHS certification is “Restriction of Hazardous Substances”, which is a mandatory requirement for electrical and electronic products issued by the European Union. This requirement mainly restricts the composition of six harmful heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and polybrominated biphenyls) in products (the content of lead cannot exceed 0.1%), and the purpose is to protect human health and ecological environment.

To obtain this certification, all parts of iReal 2E need to be disassembled according to the material, and then tested according to the material. Therefore, the environmental protection requirements of iReal 2E are very high. The acquisition of this certification shows that iReal 2E has reached international standards in terms of environmental protection and safety compliance management.

RoHS Certificate

4. WEEE Certification (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Certification)

WEEE certification is a series of requirements of the EU on the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, and it is a mandatory requirement for EU countries to undertake the obligation of product recycling. The acquisition of this certification signifies that the environmental protection of iReal 2E and its components meets the EU’s requirements for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, and also reflects iReal 3D’s good environmental protection awareness in the selection of product components and the production process; meanwhile, the iReal 2E will have the WEEE certification mark on its product packaging, which will help the iReal 2E to be better sold in the global market.

WEEE Certificate

The certification and testing standards of 3D scanners have been developing in a more rigorous and scientific direction with the development of products and technologies. The development and promotion of various product certifications not only regulates the 3D scanning market, but also regulates the R&D, production and design of 3D scanning manufacturers more scientifically.

The iReal 2E 3D scanner has passed these four authoritative certifications, which is an international affirmation of its quality, safety and environmental protection, as well as an affirmation of iReal 3D’s innovative pursuit of excellent quality and sustainable concepts. In the future development path, iReal 3D will continue to adhere to the concepts of “Quality First” and “International Standards”, and constantly develop and improve products.