Check out Which Industries is iReal 2E Most Suitable for!


After looking for relevant information, many people still do not have a clear understanding of whether the iReal 2E handheld color 3D scanner can meet their needs. In order to improve everyone’s purchasing efficiency and ensure the experience of using the equipment, this article has sorted out the applicable industries and groups of iReal 2E for everyone. Come and see if iReal 2E is the right 3D scanner for you!

Applicable Industries of iReal 2E

1. Human body modeling;

2. Customization and re-creation of artistic portraits (bronze portraits, 3D printed portraits, wax figures, sculpture reproduction of different scenes, body art, etc.);

3. Movie/game/VR, AR and other CG character modeling (the modeling can be combined with a motion capture system);

4. Medical rehabilitation (spinal orthopedics, cervical braces, prosthetics, arm immobilizers, orthopedic helmets, etc.);

5. Item customization for human body parts (clothing customization, film and television armor customization, boxing gloves customization, etc.);

6. Art design;

7. Medium and large-sized sculpture scanning (stone sculpture, urban sculpture, foam sculpture, clay sculpture, etc.), cultural relics (statues, parts of relics, parts of ancient buildings), college art training, fashion design, creative design and derivative development, etc.;

8. Digitalization modeling analysis;

9. Plant growth morphology analysis (trunks and potted plants), forensic identification (human trauma area/volume measurement, footprint identification), medical diagnosis (spine correction screening), 3D comparative analysis of local body shape changes, etc.;

10. More applications: customization of car floor mats/trunk mats/luggage racks, reverse engineering (castings, forgings, sanitary ware and other products with low precision requirements), 3D display auxiliary modeling of furniture (such as sofas), digital museums, data acquisition for 3D printing, etc.

Suitable User Groups for iReal 2E

Taking all aspects of the iReal 2E into consideration, we can conclude that the most suitable customer groups to use the iReal 2E color 3D scanner are 3D art designers and 3D printing engineers.

The reasons are as follows:
1. When using iReal 2E portable 3D scanner to 3D scan objects with rich geometric features, sticking markers is not required. Taking this into consideration, it is most suitable for scanning human bodies and carving artworks, so iReal 2E is suitable for art 3D designers;

2. 3D scanner is the best assistant tool for 3D designers/3D printing engineers. 3D designers need 3D data to print. The source of data can be forward modeling or 3D scanning. When encountering objects with complex curved surfaces (such as human bodies, sculptured artworks), and designers want to model quickly and accurately (requires 1:1 restoration/fitting design), 3D scanners are the best choice;

3. The highest accuracy of iReal 2E can reach 0.10 mm, which is a professional 3D scanner. When 3D designers want to buy a cost-effective 3D scanner with wide scene adaptability, the iReal 2E at 32,800 Yuan is an excellent choice.

In fact, as an entry-level professional handheld 3D scanner, iReal 2E has a large Field of View (FoV) and a larger Depth of Field, and is easy to operate. Therefore, as long as you are a 3D scanning/3D printing enthusiast, and the scanned object conforms to the iReal 2E characteristics (scanning medium and large objects above 30cm or human body/body parts, and the accuracy requirements are relatively low), then iReal 2E is a very cost-effective 3D scanner that you can consider!