Caveats When 3D Scanning Large Objects with iReal 2E


iReal 2E has a large Field of View, which makes it a perfect tool for 3D scanning large objects, such as large sculptures. Many customers chose iReal 2E to scan large objects, to help you achieve the best result, there are some tips we would like to remind you of.

Potential challenges:


The alignment accuracy will have a relatively large error for an object with a width of 80 meters. This error results in data deformation such as the warping at the ends of the date.

1. Markers alignment mode is suggested to ensure alignment accuracy and reduce the deformation.
2. Combine several scans to reduce the cumulative alignment errors for a single piece.


Resolution from 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm is recommended to ensure the data restoration of details.
Explanation: The data will become so heavy if we choose a very small resolution.

Caveats to bear in mind:

1. The alignment accuracy is 0.3 mm / m under the markers alignment mode, while the scan error is about 1 mm / m using feature alignment. The accuracy is up from 0.3 to 0.5 mm/m if it is a three-dimensional sculpture and the scan path can form a close loop.

2. The deformation degree of iReal 2E is larger than that of KSCAN-Magic. In order to keep the global accuracy, the scan length for every single scan should not exceed 3 meters under markers alignment mode and 2 meters under feature alignment mode.
Notes: The length for 1 single scan is based on the resolution setting and computer configuration. (The memory of the computer ≥ 64G).

3. Two point cloud project files can be aligned by N-points in iReal 3D scanning software through geometrical features in the common areas. The accuracy is lower than KSCAN-Magic’s alignment based on the common markers.