iReal Helps Correct Baby’s Flat Head Syndrome

Jan 14, 2022

Some babies were born with a flat head, it is called flat head syndrome in the medical field. In most cases, it is not considered seriously harmful to babies’ health, but it is true that it can cause big inconvenience in their daily life and affect their appearances.

So far, 3D printing a custom-made helmet to correct a baby’s flat head is one of the most common and effective ways in the market. Traditional ways such as using special-made pillows to gradually correct the shape of the baby’s head have certain limitations, for example, it may cost a long time to actually improve the condition, and the effect may not be as significant as those of 3D printed helmets. Therefore, more and more parents choose 3D printing helmets to correct their babies’ flat heads.

3D Scanning a Baby's Head

iReal 2E 3D handheld scanner, launched by iReal 3D from SCANTECH 3D, adopts invisible infrared structured light. This type of light source ensures the safety and comfortableness of the entire scanning process, with no need to worry about any potential harmfulness.

Customized Baby's Helmet

Notes: For more precise scan data, make sure the baby’s hair is shaved clearly. And for a more smooth scanning experience, it is suggested to conduct the 3D scanning when the baby is asleep.

Before VS After