iReal 3D Scanning Software Download

Mar.25, 2024

V3.4.3.3Latest release

New Functions

  • Add Automatic Registration function in Features Alignment Mode
  • Add Laser Plane Calibration function to address abnormal display issues with laser lines
  • Enhanced interactive experience for beginners by optimizing the display of the main process node

Optimized Functions

  • Support the deletion of redundant markers in Markers Alignment Mode
  • Enhanced mapping efficiency, reducing texture mapping time by 30-40%
  • Increased scanning fluency in Infrared Laser Mode, achieving a scanning frame rate of 90 frames/s (when exposure value ≤ 1)

Jan.05, 2024


New Functions:

  • Mode selection guidance
  • Default scanning mode – Hybrid Alignment Mode
  • Automatic background plane function
  • Support color .ply file

Optimized Functions:

  • Marker selection and deletion
  • Hole filling effect
  • The display of mode settings
  • The problem of importing license file

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugs that affect the user experience

Aug. 25, 2023


New Functions

  • iReal M3 adds laser color mode options and now supports color models when scanning in infrared laser mode
  • The proportion of double-click to enlarge the view can be set according to your needs in the settings interface
  • Add view alignment function, click the coordinate system in the lower right corner to observe the model in the orthographic view
  • Add the Simulation Preview function, and then enter the Simulation Preview interface in the Map interface, which has better perspective effect and material performance
  • Add alignment alert options

Optimized Functions

  • Automatic marking point filling, marking points at the edge will be more smoother
  • Data Quality Color Map display will be more accurate
  • Model alignment does not have multi-layers after merging

Bug Fixes

  • Bugs that affect the user experience

Jul. 06, 2023


New Functions

  • Newly enhanced for iReal M3 only
    • Double-press the button to enlarge the view and
    • long-press to finish automatically
    • Specific infrared laser scanning mode
    • Laser scanning parameter settings (laser exposure and point cloud density, for instance)
    • The new control logic of the fill lights
  • Add background plane setting and relative marker operation
  • Add model alignment and markers splicing
  • Add distinct icons for wrapping data
  • Add the functions of mesh simplification and fill small holes

Optimized Functions

  • Real-time scanning point cloud display
  • Marker recognition ability of Mixed alignment and
  • Marker alignment
  • Scanning distance prompt logic
  • Part of UI Expression

Bug Fixes

  • Algorithm error for the vector of the point cloud of reflective-surface objects
  • The problem of setting the background plane
  • Software crashes


V3.2.5Latest release for iReal 2S scanner

NOTE: This version of the software is the last supported version of the iReal 2S scanner.

Optimized Functions

  • Scanning splicing function optimization: Mixed Splicing function (marker splicing + feature splicing); Note: There should be no less than two markers in a single frame so that the mixed splicing function is more stable. Function Principle: Geometric features will form new features with nearby marker points, ensuring smooth splicing even when geometric features are insufficient.
  • Added small hole filling function: when the point cloud is wrapped, you can fill the hole according to its diameter.
  • Added background plane in marker mode: In the marker mode, select no less than three markers (on the same plane) to set a background plane, which can automatically mask the scan data below the background plane during scanning; Note: This feature still needs to be improved.
  • New mesh simplify function: When wrapping, the mesh simplify parameter is added, which can reduce the wrapping time and texture mapping time.
  • Other problem optimization and repair.

Nov. 28, 2022


  • Fixed some bugs (problem of model splicing and saving project, etc.).
  • Solved the problems of high memory usage and long texture processing time during texture mapping.
  • Added a new file format: mapping project (.map), which can be used for quick texture replacement of iReal 3D mapping software.

Aug. 30, 2022


New Functions

  • The matcap function
  • Measuring length function
  • Laptop configuration detection
  • Device/set/license information check
  • Software/manual download link

Optimized Functions

  • Optimized UI experience
  • Optimized the size of project files
  • Optimized the texture mapping effect
  • Optimized the tips of the operation
  • Optimized the memory usage

Bug Fixes
Fixed some bugs

Dec. 23, 2021


New Functions

  • Add real-time retract frame function
  • Add mark hole auto-filled function
  • Add hole manual-filled function
  • Add GOM Inspect link
  • SW adapt to Windows 11 system
  • Add German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish translation
  • Optimize mark registration function
  • Optimize texture mapping function
  • Optimize the project file saving efficiency
  • Optimize SW interaction
  • Fix bugs