Latest Releases of iReal 3D Mapping Software


v4.0.1 Latest

New Functions

(1)Detect Mainbody

  • The photo groups can be segmented for faster Detection Mainbody and decreased strain on the computer’s video memory.
  • It supports single-photo Detection Mainbody to accelerate subject detection.

(2)Relative Orientation

  • Compatible with all versions of Metashape software up to version 2.0.
  • Implement the deep learning framework for photo replacement to enhance relative orientation success rates.
  • Add an Image Preselection mode to enable multiple image-matching methods.

(3)Absolute Orientation

  • Integrate a feature for aligning a single photo with the colorless 3D model to simplify alignment operations and achieve a high success rate.
  • All a “Select All” button for aligning all photos with the model in just one click.
  • Automagic Orientation is accessible in both Quick Mode (texture matching) and Deep Mode (texture matching /geometric feature matching).

(4)Refine Textures

  • Compatible with all Blender versions up to Blender 4.0 software.


  • Add the “Sample Point Clouds” function, enabling the generation of a specified number of point clouds from the model.



(1)IO (Input/Output): Improve the efficiency of importing OBJ models into the software, achieving an SSD speed of up to 1GB/s.

(2)Photo Cap: Import photos instantly with a single click, eliminating the need to wait.

(3)Detect Mainbody: Upon completion of Detection Mainbody, the main body part will automatically appear in the photo collection.

(4)Relative Orientation: Improve the success rate of the default mode.

(5)Absolute Orientation: Enable deleting photos that cannot align with the model to enhance matching accuracy.

(6)Fine Registration: If the Register value appears abnormal, you can halt the program anytime and revert to the previous step to review the data.



(1)The software interface layout has been restructured for a user-friendly experience, facilitating easier navigation for users.

(2)For object center perspective projection, update as follows:

  • When rotating the mouse outside the model, the center of the model’s bounding box is automatically selected as the rotation center.
  • When rotating the mouse inside the model, the cursor’s location becomes the rotation center.

(3)Clicking the “Close All” button will clear both data and Flow steps in the software.

(4)The Template process now includes only the “Scan Texturing” and “Photo Modeling”, with “Photo Replacement” replaced by the “Scan Texturing”.

(5)To modify a process template, navigate to “Tools → Flow → Edit Flow”. Once done, save your changes using “Tools → Flow → Save Flow”.

(6)Enable switching model directions by clicking on the XYZ axis in the software interface’s lower right corner.

(7)In Transformation mode, a grid appears along the XYZ axis, facilitating easy adjustment of the model angle.

(8)Photo Gallery: the “Show Subject Only” button has been removed. Now, when a background mask is present, thumbnails will be automatically cropped.

(9)In rendered images, minimize the black-and-white stretching in rubbing mode to connect with Photoshop for manual adjustments.

(10)The official website address has been added to Help → Homepage, and online instruction guidance can be found under Help → Help.

Jul. 26, 2023


New functions:

  •  Extremely resolution image rendering: albedo, rubbing
  • BlocksExchange XML format output support
  • The ‘PhotoCap’ node supports BlocksExchange XML format input


  • Greatly improves the efficiency of UV wrapping
  • Automatic sorting indexes of metashape photos
  • Verification speed of non-Chinese regional devices
  • Deleting photos in the ‘PhotoCap’ node will also delete the camera
  • When segment mode, you can choose to delete the polygon outer mesh/pointcloud

Bug fixed:

  • When in absolute orientation mode, an error bug is reported for the Chinese name
  • Error bug when selecting a point with the same name in absolute orientation mode
  • Bugs in UV mirroring after UV wrapping


  • Mapping dialog, when selecting pixel fusion, the selection weight automatically jumps to “Rough”

Apr. 17, 2023



  • Pixel fusion, which can automatically select fusion textures to improve fusion speed and effect
  • Mapping dialog box, can set “reduced resolution map”

Bug fixed:

After the UV expansion fails, the progress bar bug that cannot be automatically closed will appear when the UV is re expanded


Mapping dialog box, added “All Visibility Test” switch (default off)

Mar. 30, 2023


New functions:

  • Metashape plugin, using photo align function to connect to relative orientation module
  • Rendering high-resolution orthophoto images


  • Increase speed of fine-registration
  • Lossless resolution UV recombination
  • Improved pixel fusion effect
  • Improve thumbnail reading efficiency by directly writing thumbnails to the database

Bug fixed:

  • Bug with invalid custom cache directory
  • Bug causing memory overload during pixel fusion
  • Bug causing memory overload during color leveling
  • Resolve the flash back bug of re importing data after manually deleting the data in the data window after loading the project


  • Clean Mesh Module
  • Disable completed steps when loading processed flow projects

Mar. 6, 2023


New functions:

  • New mapping mode: pixel fusion, including multi-focus fusion and exposure fusion, can output better mapping effect without editing seamlines
  • Self-intersecting face repair function
  • Small hole filling function


  • Improved applicability of big data mapping
  • Unseened area (gray ->automatically calculate color), better mapping effect
  • Unseened area (small area ->automatic area calculation), more convenient for texture editing
  • Absolute orientation, which can be repeated according to the real-time camera position
  • Dense reconstruction, dense point cloud can be calculated according to the real-time camera position

Bug fixed:

  • Fix a lot of bugs and make the software more stable
  • Fixed resource loss during GIF loading


  • General workflow
  • Some dialog options

Dec. 13, 2022


New functions:

  • Plug in → Blender → Texture Refinement
  • Photoshop/Blender is optional for texture refinement in the flow chart


  • To further improve the accuracy of “UV Transfer”, the baking step can be omitted when the accuracy requirement is not high
    When switching languages, it is not necessary to restart the software
  • You can move the project directory and open it on another location/computer (the directory name should not be modified)

Bug fixed:

  • When the uniform color memory is insufficient, a prompt will pop up and the software will not be automatically closed
  • Bugs that some devices cannot be “Dense Reconstruct”
  • The dense reconstructed mesh model is not automatically imported


  • Some nodes in the flow chart

Dec. 2, 2022


New functions:

  • In absolute orientation editing mode, you can switch between displaying normals and materials


  • Automatically output 300dpi resolution when saving textures
  • Improve the accuracy of UV transfer for complex models

Bug fixed:

  • In case of absolute orientation, the bug of jamming and crash caused by continuous click matching
  • Crash bug caused by continuous and rapid editing when editing seam lines
  • When importing a photo set, the same name is detected to prevent the relative directional crash bug caused by the same name
  • Crash bug when unable to unfold UVs
  • Crash bug caused by high mold without material during baking
  • Crash bug caused by direct UV recombination when the model does not have UVs
  • Uniform texture, memory not released


  • Description and link styles in license dialog
  • Modify shortcut key prompts in all editing modes

Nov. 23, 2022


New functions:

  • The regular updates of editions can be done automatically in the software: No need to uninstall the original software, you can directly update the library files online according to the prompts
  • Added the time limit of a single step for defragment of UV, the default is 30 seconds, which speeds up the process.
  • Updated the Japanese translation.


  • Improved the efficiency of seam line editing when the original texture is large.

Bug fixed:

  • The software crash that may be caused by unfolding UV when densely rebuilding the model.
  • If the model texture is not saved to the local, the software may crash during the color uniform.
  • The time limit may not work during the defragment of UV.
  • During the relative orientation, the software crash may occur if the name of the reference file is the same as the reference orientation.


  • The template of photo modeling work-flow.

Nov. 21, 2022


New functions:

  • Intelligent texture replacement for iReal scanning projects
  • 16K+ multiple texture output
  • The transfer of multi-UV textures between models
  • The baking of multiple textures between models
  • Added a tool to clean mesh in the work-flow
  • You can set the cache directory of textures
  • Version update prompt


  • Community Edition: Free trial, up to 4K texture output;
  • Trial Edition: Apply for a 10-day permission of use (for online use only), no functional restrictions;
  • Official Yearly Edition: online use only, no functional restrictions;
  • Permanent Edition: online use only, no function restrictions;
  • There is no need to apply for the community edition, you can download it directly for a free trial. The advanced edition needs to be applied through the following steps: main menu→Help→Permission→Application, and fill in the necessary information.


  • Increased the reading speed of OBJ files
  • Increased the speed of cleaning meshes
  • Reduced cache size to half
  • Unresponsiveness caused by some processing modules when occupying the main thread
  • Arrangement of photos in directional files

Bug fixed:

  • Software crash when splitting textures
  • Texture mapping error when editing a textured model
  • Software crash when non-4x textures are imported for processing
  • When importing XML with Chinese in the path, it will cause errors
  • Bug with blank paths when importing NVM V4


  • Scanning map work-flow: General, iReal
  • Photo modeling work-flow
  • Work-flow display

Nov. 8, 2022


  • Optimized function: textures support bmp images
  • Bug fixed: abnormal color blocks may appear when mapping

Nov. 4, 2022


  • Optimized function: Dongle hardware encryption, supports offline use.
  • Optimized function: Add a virtual camera function to the photo collection for fine-tuning the direction of orientation results.
  • Optimized UI: better distinguish between selected and unselected states when selecting a photo set.
  • Bug fixed: The memory protection mechanism is added to the color leveling to prevent the flashback problem caused by the low-memory computer processing large data.
  • Bug fixed: The problem of the color leveling flashes back when the computer user name is Chinese.
  • Bug fixed: The flashback problem caused by non-4 times texture resolution when recombining UV.

Oct. 26, 2022


  • Fine registration can also be performed by transforming the relative orientation results.
  • Fixed the crash bug of dense reconstruction of different photo sets.
  • Fixed the texture loss problem by clicking X when entering the texture mode again after the first texture.
  • Fixed the problem of the texture flashes back after the photo is modeled.
  • Fixed the flashback problem when clicking to display the normals after the texture is completed.
  • Automatically recalculate vertex normals after the mapping is completed.

Oct. 20, 2022


  • Fixed the problem of flashback when vertical photos are structured aligned.
  • Fixed the problem that invalid lines and black blocks appeared in some models during color leveling.
  • When creating a process, clicking Cancel will not enter the process.
  • Cancel the function of shift+left mouse button to generate information labels.
  • After the process of Photoshop, you will be prompted to close the PS and then level the color to ensure sufficient memory to prevent flashback.
  • In the color leveling mode, click ×, it will return to the original texture.
  • After the flashback, you will be prompted to open the recent project.
  • It will prompt when there is a non-NVIDIA graphics card.
  • When extracting the main body, the folder of thumbnail images will be deleted first, so as to avoid the main body extraction window crashing due to different image sizes during repeated processing.

Oct. 13, 2022


  • Multi-language: added Japanese in the language setting.
  • Process: added Photo-modeling and Scan-texturing (iReal).
  • Photo-modeling: added Dense Reconstruction and 3D Reconstruction.
  • Scan-texturing (iReal): automatically read iReal project files and edit scanned textures of iReal, and cannot automatically replace SLR photos for now.
  • Optimized Photo Cap: speed up reading photos.
  • Optimized mapping function: Solved the problem of insufficient memory when processing big data.
  • Optimized Baking function: Solved the problem of insufficient GPU memory when baking high-poly.
  • Fixed some bugs