iReal 2E 3D Scanner for Spinal Orthopedics

Jan 14, 2022

As a matter of fact, the 3D scanning technology has brought a lot of groundbreaking changes into the healthcare industry, for its high-precision data and advantageous combination of 3D printing. Since the ultimate purpose of technology is to benefit society, for years, we have taken our social responsibilities and dedicated ourselves to the help of the medical field, especially with prosthetic and orthotic aids.

It has been an honor to have worked with so many outstanding friends in the healthcare industry so that we get to share some real-life case studies with our customers. In this article, we will talk about one of the inspiring cases, of how iReal 2E 3D color scanner has helped a patient customize her orthopedic spine brace.

The Advantages of 3D Scanning in Spinal Orthopedics

1. iReal 2E 3D color scanner can largely avoid the inevitable disadvantages traditional plaster treatment may bring: imprecise data, inconvenience of moving, air-tightness, etc.;
2. Just 1-2 minutes of scanning, complete and precise three-dimensional data will be collected in a safe and comfortable environment, 100% rest assured;
3. Unlike the traditional plaster, the orthopedic brace can be designed according to the patients’ demands since it is completely custom-made. Patients can get the orthopedic brace with the exact look they want.

The 3D Scanning Process

1. To get the most precise geometric features of a person, our technicians will 3D scan the patients’ body parts using invisible and safe infrared structured light;

2. By putting the scan data into third-party software, doctors and our technicians will conduct analytic planning based on medical images of patients (such as X-ray, CT and so on) and 3D scan data, and then start designing the most suitable 3D model (pressing, stretching and smoothing);

Spinal Orthopedics

Customized Spinal Orthopedics

3. After the 3D model is designed, we will check whether it fits patients to the best extent and then 3D print the orthopedic brace.

Custom Spinal Orthopedics

In conclusion, using a iReal 2E 3D scanner as a prosthetic and orthotic solution is safe for patients, on the other hand, it helps make breathable and comfortable orthopedic braces. With the combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing, we can help patients get better treatment.