Heritage Scanning | Digital Protection of Three Saints of the West

Jan 14, 2022

Three Saints of the West, a national famous cultural heritage, was originated in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Due to the exposure to the outdoor environment for a long time, it has begun to crack, unfortunately. To protect and restore the cultural heritage, except for physical protection, iReal 2E 3D color scanner has played a part in it as well, in ways of data archiving, monitoring and restoring.

Digital Protection of Cultural Relics

Three Saints of the West

Among such a wide range of selections of 3D scanners in the market, why choose iReal 2E 3D color scanner particularity? The followings are the reasons.

Advantages of iReal 2E in Heritage Scanning
1. Thanks to the invisible infrared structured light iReal 2E adopts, the entire scanning process will cause no harm to cultural relics;
2. iReal 2E 3D color scanner supports non-contact scanning without markers. Cultural relics are often delicate and cannot risk any potential damage, thus, iReal 2E 3D color scanner would be an ideal choice;
3. Its ability to capture high-definition colors can help restore details in colors, which greatly saves time of the post-processing;
4. If the cultural relic is medium or large-sized, iReal 2E would be ideal because it offers a large Field of View (FoV), which means more freedom for alignment and greater work efficiency.

3D Scanning a Sculpture

3D Scanning Three Saints of the West

Because these types of cultural relics tend to be medium or large-sized and have fewer details, iReal 2E 3D handheld color scanner gets to conduct a smooth scanning process, with the finest details restored (resolution up to 0.2 mm and accuracy up to 0.1 mm). By analyzing the scan data on third-party software, the experts can do data archiving, data monitoring, heritage restoration, derivative design, 3D displays and promotion, etc., what is more, the scan data can also be combined with 3D printing, Virtual Reality&Artificial Reality technologies and so on, all of these have significantly helped the protection and popularization of cultural heritage.

iReal 2E 3D Scanning Result

iReal 2E 3D Scanning Result 2