Five Steps to Get a Vivid 3D Pizza with iReal 2E and SIMSCAN

Apr 21, 2022

Who would not fancy a slice of pizza? If a freshly-baked pizza with mouth-watering toppings is in front of you, what would you do? Technicians from SCANTECH 3D were thinking of some 3D scanning work on it with our advanced iReal 2E 3D color scanner and SIMSCAN 3D laser scanner.

A Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza

It is a Pepperoni&Bacon Pizza with rich cheese layers, two of the most popular pizza flavors in the world. To 3D scan the delicious toppings and juicy layers are not hard, the real challenges are to 1:1 capture the colors and details and make them look vivid. iReal 2E and SIMSCAN played two perfect roles in this scanning task.

Why iReal 2E and SIMSCAN?

Among so many series of 3D scanners from SCANTECH 3D, why did we choose iReal 2E and SIMSCAN specifically? As you can tell from the pictures, the pizza is covered in a rich cheese layer, giving it a slightly shining surface, and the geometric features and colors varied irregularly because of the high-temperature baking. From our experienced technician’s first look at the pizza, he realized that iReal 2E and SIMSCAN would be the ideal choices.

iReal 2E 3D Scanning Pizza

The accuracy of SIMSCAN is up to 0.020 mm, making the geometric features looks exactly the same as the real pizza. The iReal 2E 3D color scanner was used to capture its colors.SIMSCAN 3D Scanning Pizza

Pizza Digitization Process

The whole 3D scanning process only took about two minutes. Firstly, we aligned these two models in third-party software like Geomagic Wrap from 3D Systems Geomagic or GOM Inspect. Then, replace the STL file in iReal project file for the 3D data captured by SIMSCAN. Re-open the new data in iReal 3D scanning software and mapping.

Post-processing of 3D Scanning a Pizza

What can a 3D pizza do for your business?

A 3D pizza can bring a huge influence on your business as long as you take good advantage of it. Take pizza stores as an example, imagine seeing a fake but vivid pizza displayed on the window as you pass by the store hungrily, isn’t it a destiny call for you to step into the door? Or what if you are the owner of a pizza store, wouldn’t it be a boost for your business to shoot an advertising video with the 3D pizza image?

3D Pizza Model