What size item is the iReal 2E best suited for scanning?

The best scanning size is 0.3 – 4.0 m.

  1. The maximum size of a single scan: it is recommended not to exceed 4 m. If the size of the item is too large or the resolution setting is too small, the amount of single data can be too large, you can scan it in sections, and then start the alignment in iReal 3D software or in third-party software (if the amount of data is too large, you need to reduce the surface before alignment).
  2. It is recommended that the minimum scan size be no less than 0.3 m. The basic accuracy of iReal 2E is 0.1 mm, and the minimum point spacing is 0.2 mm. This accuracy and point spacing determine that when the size of the item is less than 0.3 m, the local details/textures/angles of the item may not meet the customer’s data restoration needs.

The above suggestions are for reference only. Specific operation methods can be adjusted based on the actual tests: whether iReal 2E can meet your data restoration needs.