What is the warranty policy for iReal 2E 3D scanner?

  1. iReal 2E 3D scanner and accessories are covered by a 13-month warranty period that begins on the day of delivery.
  2. If an extended warranty is required for the host, the details of relevant fees are as follows: 2,500 yuan (300$) for a 1-year extension of the warranty and 6,500 yuan (900$) for a 2-year extension of the warranty.
  3. We provide free repair service during the warranty when the defects or damage result from normal use (non-human damage), scanning software free updates and online training or support if necessary.
  4. Besides, the Seller provides accessories sales and paid repair service that is out of warranty period or out of warranty range and assists in replacement and charge according to the agreed price for accessories of man-made damage.
  5. This policy does not apply to conditions caused by humans or force majeures such as typhoons, floods, hailstones, earthquakes, etc.