What is the accuracy of iReal 2E 3D scanner?

  1. Basic accuracy: up to 0.100 mm;
  2. The highest alignment accuracy is 0.300 mm/m, the specific verification method: 3D scan the item with standard length (1m) in the marker alignment mode to obtain the deviation between the sphere center distance and the standard value (after multiple sets of tests), and the obtained alignment error value is called the accuracy.
  3. Notes: it is suggested that with a higher requirement for accuracy, it is suggested to choose SCANTECH 3D’s industrial 3D laser scanner with better stability and precision. The highest accuracy of an industrial-grade 3D laser scanner can reach 0.02 mm+0.015 mm/m.
  4. Notes for the three alignment modes without markers (feature alignment, texture alignment and mixed alignment): it has strong uncertainties for the alignment result based on geometric features and texture features, the scanning skills and the condition of the surface of the scanned object will affect the accuracy of the feature alignment and the texture alignment. Therefore, in feature alignment, texture alignment, or mixed alignment, there is no certain accuracy value of the alignment. The final result depends on real-life practice.