What is a 3D scanner? What is it used for?

A 3D scanner is a measuring device for measurement and analysis of the geometric structure and exterior texture of a real-world subject or environment. With the graphics and image processing technology of 3D scanners, the three-dimensional information of an object’s surface can be obtained in the form of 3D points, the collection of numerous 3D points is called the three-dimensional point could. The 3D point cloud can be turned into a 3D digital model through the wrapping process. Those 3D models have a wide range of applications, for instance, 3D data monitoring (such as flaw monitoring of mechanical parts, abrasion analysis of molds, etc.), reverse engineering, personalized medical treatment, engraving processing, 3D data archiving, 3D model analysis, television animation, video games, virtual display, objects/figures modeling, 3D exhibitions and so on.