What are the main consumables, easily wearing parts, and easily lost parts of the iReal 2E 3D scanner?

1. Main consumables:
2000 reflective markers (inner diameter: 6mm; outer diameter: 10mm) for standard configuration. After the markers are used up, they need to be purchased separately.

2. Main easily wearing parts:
Cables: The combined cable includes a USB 3.0 data transmission cable (4m). When used improperly (for example, the cable is often hard folded), the working life of the cable will be shortened/problems such as data transmission stuttering, scanning stuttering, etc. may occur.

Master plate: The inside of the master plate is made of glass. After each calibration, it is recommended to put it back in the waterproof case, keep it properly, handle it with care, and not break it.

A iReal 2E 3D scanner: Due to the long cable length (4m), when you are not using the device, it is recommended to unplug the cable on the iReal 2E scanner and place the device properly to avoid tripping, which may result in equipment damage.

3. Main easily to lose parts:
Master plate: After each calibration, you need to put it back in the waterproof case in time.

Dongle: When the dongle is plugged into the computer (such as the case of a desktop computer), it may be forgotten to be stored after the scanning work, which may result in loss.