Is iReal 2E harmful to health?

iReal 2E 3D scanner is 100% safe to human beings.

The speckle pattern emitter of iReal 2E uses infrared VCSEL, which is Class1 LASER (definition: the laser radiation level does not exceed the emission limit specified in 21 CFR Subchapter J Part 1040.10 Table I at any time during the operation of the laser. Operating power <0.4mW, it is a harmless and control-free laser). Infrared VCSEL, a low-energy light source device, has no biological hazard, will not cause damage to the human body or skin, and does not require other safety auxiliary equipment during use.

iReal 2E 3D scanner adopts infrared invisible light, which is completely eye-safe and user-friendly during the scanning process. iReal 2E is a low-energy-consumption device with three sets of cameras surrounded by fill flashes (LED cold light source). The flashes can be turned off when scanning the human body, and the light-free scanning mode avoids the flickering discomfort and realizes a true eye-safe scanning experience.