Is iReal 2E 3D scanner perfect for portrait scanning?

  1. iReal 2E performs targeted optimization on portrait/human body scanning: it supports non-light 3D scanning, hair scanning and dark environment scanning. In addition, because the human body is relatively flexible, it is inevitable that we tend to move a little bit involuntarily during the scanning process, which will lead to multiple sets of data in the same part. With a common algorithm, staggered layers will occur even successfully aligned. However, according to the innovative algorithm of iReal 3D, the multiple sets of data caused by a slight movement of humans can be automatically removed, and registered together as a result, which, has greatly reduced the cost of future data recovery.
  2. iReal 2E is especially suitable for scanning busts, full-body portraits, and parts of the human body (for shape fitting design), etc. It can be used for artistic portrait customization and re-creation (bronze portraits, 3D printed portraits, sculpture portraits scene reproduction, body art, etc.), film/game/VR, AR and other CG character modeling, medical rehabilitation (spinal orthosis, cervical brace, prosthesis, arm immobilizer, orthopedic helmet, etc.) and human body part customization.