How to use the computer properly to ensure a smooth 3D scanning experience?

  1. The USB 3.0 interface is a must;
  2. Make sure the computer is properly plugged in and the high-performance mode is on;
  3. Upgrade the graphic driver to the latest version;
  4. Make sure the iReal 3D software is installed to the disk with memory larger than 20G;
  5. Set iReal 3D software under the high-performance mode of the NVIDIA graphics card;
  6. Turn off the computer protection software;
  7. Try to keep the working temperature of the computer no higher than 55 centigrade to maintain good performance;
  8. It is suggested to reopen the iReal 3D software and computer after continuously working for a while or scanning a few large project files in case the computer stutters;
  9. For daily maintenance, do not force to fold the USB cable.