Can I scan human hair with iReal 2E 3D scanner?

Yes, you can. iReal 2E uses a combined array of structured light technology, which has better adaptability for different materials. This type of light source innovatively solves the problem of other light sources (such as LED white light/blue light) may encounter when 3D scanning human hair.

  1. iReal 2E 3D scanner can scan most hairstyles, such as thick and clustered hairstyles, which are easy to scan.
  2. It is relatively difficult to scan fluffy, discrete and curly hair because the patterns will penetrate through the hair gap when the speckle patterns are projected onto the hair surface, resulting in the two black and white cameras being unable to simultaneously recognize the speckle patterns, which makes it impossible to calculate the point cloud data correctly. Thus, you may consider wetting your hair to make it more clustered to decrease the difficulties of 3D scanning.
  3. 3D scanners can only get the rough data of human hair, which does not cover the details like hair strands. Therefore, post-processing work is required according to specific application scenarios. For example, if the scan data is used for 3D printing, the data needs to be modified; if the scan data is used for movie CG character modeling, the scan data of the hair is only for hairstyle reference, and the precise hair data needs to be further processed via third-party software, such as Zbrush, Blender, etc.