FAQ - iReal 3D Scanner

What should I do if the license of iReal 2E 3D scanner expires?

If you purchased the equipment from a reseller/regional manager of Scantech, please contact the corresponding reseller/regional manager directly, provide the serial number of the device (numbers starting with SK, mixed numbers and letters), and re-authorize.

If you don’t find this information helpful, you can contact us by sending an online message or e-mail (please inform us of the relevant information: serial number, company name, and purchase channel).

What is the reference distance and scanning depth of field of the iReal 2E 3D scanner?

The reference distance (optimal scanning distance) of iReal 2E is 400mm. The effective scanning distance range is 280-1000mm, so its scanning depth of field is 720mm, which gives the operator more freedom and makes it easier for beginners.

What is the accuracy of iReal 2E 3D scanner?

  1. Basic accuracy: up to 0.100 mm;
  2. The highest alignment accuracy is 0.300 mm/m, the specific verification method: 3D scan the item with standard length (1m) in the marker alignment mode to obtain the deviation between the sphere center distance and the standard value (after multiple sets of tests), and the obtained alignment error value is called the accuracy.
  3. Notes: it is suggested that with a higher requirement for accuracy, it is suggested to choose SCANTECH 3D’s industrial 3D laser scanner with better stability and precision. The highest accuracy of an industrial-grade 3D laser scanner can reach 0.02 mm+0.015 mm/m.
  4. Notes for the three alignment modes without markers (feature alignment, texture alignment and mixed alignment): it has strong uncertainties for the alignment result based on geometric features and texture features, the scanning skills and the condition of the surface of the scanned object will affect the accuracy of the feature alignment and the texture alignment. Therefore, in feature alignment, texture alignment, or mixed alignment, there is no certain accuracy value of the alignment. The final result depends on real-life practice.

What is the 3D scanning speed/frame rate of iReal 2E 3D color scanner?

It can achieve 10 frames per second (1,000,000 points per second of the biggest scanning speed) under the standard mode. When the computer memory is equal to or larger than 6G, you can adjust the frame rate to 15 frames per second (1,500,000 points per second of the biggest scanning speed) in the iReal 3D software settings.

The bigger the frame rate is, the more features a single frame can capture, and the smoother the (geometric) feature alignment will be.

What is the pixel of the camera of iReal 2E?

iReal 2E is equipped with three sets of built-in cameras: two sets of industrial black and white cameras and one set of color camera, all three pixels are 1.3 million.

Notes: Although higher pixel brings a higher quality of the image captured per single frame, it is true that those cameras with higher pixels tend to have much higher requirements for data transferring, real-time calculation and PC configuration. Therefore, cameras with 1.3 million pixels are relatively cost-effective for iReal 2E after a comprehensive consideration.

iReal 2E Product & Packaging Details (Approximately)?

Size (L*W*H)/mm Weight/kg
3D scanner body 140*94*258 0.85
Waterproof carton packaging 360*280*170 5.2
Carton outer packaging 530*300*380 6.5

What’s included in the product package of iReal 2E?

  1. A iReal 2E 3D handheld scanner;
  2. 1 PC master plate;
  3. 1 PC USB 3.0 cable 4m;
  4. 1 PC power adapter;
  5. 1 PC marker – Ø6mm;
  6. Waterproof case;
  7. 1 PC iReal 3D software;
  8. 1 set software Dongle;
  9. Paper materials (shipment list, warranty card, product qualification, delivery confirmation.)

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