iReal 3D Mapping Software Download

If you meet the following conditions, you can apply for the iReal 3D Mapping Software (for trial):

  1. You own an iReal 2E 3D scanner or a Scantech 3D laser scanner.
  2. You have experience with 3D model texture mapping, which will be helpful for using iReal 3D mapping software.
  3. You have Photoshop software in your device and can use it for basic operations; you have the ability to use Blender, ZBrush and other 3D software, and have the ability to modify and design 3D scanned models. This will be your basic ability to deal with various materials and various structural items.
  4. The requirements for computer configurations: CPU processor: i7-10750H and above; Memory: 32G and above (for 16K texture mapping output, the computer memory needs to be larger than 64G); Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1660Ti and above (recommendation: RTX3060); Independent video memory: 4G and above; Windows 10/11 system 64-bit.
  5. You have the budget to purchase the iReal 3D Mapping Software.

Must see before using the software:

  1. Community Edition (available for free for everyone): The maximum resolution of texture output is 4096*4096; if you need to get 8k or 16k textures for testing, please send an application or apply for an advanced license in the software “Help -> License”.
  2. Make sure you use the test data to try out the software before getting started. You can find instructions from the tutorial video “iReal 3D Mapping Software Tutorial – Vase” and the test data on this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (in order to improve work efficiency, please do not skip this step).
  3. Once you have completed testing the test data, you can start using the software. In the photo shooting process, please refer to the below Photo Shooting Tips and Pattered Pad (Download and print it out) to take images. If you take photos in the way of photo modeling, the number of images will be too large, resulting in low efficiency.
  4. In order to ensure the mapping efficiency, it is recommended to simplify the scanned model to obtain the mid-model (30-50w triangular mesh surface), and then perform intelligent mapping, and finally, transfer UV to a high-poly model in iReal 3D Mapping software or bake in the Marmoset plug-in to get a precise and colorful 3D model;
  5. When you want to bake 16K and above textures, please ensure that the computer configuration meets the following requirements: memory 64G and above, NVIDIA video memory 8G and above.
  6. The project directory is suggested to locate in a solid-state disk to improve the processing speed;
  7. During the test, there may be flashbacks or other problems (some are caused by inaccurate operations, some are caused by image issues, and some are caused by software bugs). You can feedback and communicate with us, and our engineers will provide remote assistance. We will also continue to collect feedback and upgrade and optimize the software.


Photo Shooting Tips

Patterned Pad

Test data