iReal 3D Mapping Software 3D Digitizes Traditional Chinese Medicine within 2 cm

Nov 16, 2022

As part of the traditional Chinese culture, Chinese medicine is an important part of higher education in China. iReal 3D is proud to have engaged in the 3D digitizing of building the library of Chinese medicine, which can help complete the database of traditional Chinese medicine in universities.

This time, we picked three types of traditional Chinese medicine: cape jasmine fruit, astragalus, and dry tangerine.

To begin with, let’s measure the sizes of each one in precised data:

Cape jasmine fruit: Length 23.56 mm; Diameter 11.28 mm
Astragalus: Length 20.56 mm; Width 8.86 mm; Height 3.28 mm
Dry tangerine: Length 34.9 mm; Width 5.26 mm; Height 2.08 mm

measuring size

Since the scanned objects are all so tiny, we chose the KSCAN-Magic 3D laser scanner to capture their three-dimensional data of them. Set the resolution to 0.05 mm, put it on a turntable with enough mark points, and the alignment will be finished with the help of the markers on the turntable.

3d scan chinese medicine

We will take a look at the 3D scan data of the cape jasmine fruit. KSCAN-Magic really managed to make the 3D model look flawless in detail, and restore a digitized one in a 1:1 ratio.

3d data of cape jasmine fruit

It is worth mentioning that in the photo shooting process, we adopted an SLR camera with micro-lens this time.

take pictures of chinese medicine

The following process includes relative orientation of photos, fine registration, seam line editing, etc., which were conducted in iReal 3D mapping software.

We have screenshots of some of the finished high-definition 3D color models.

3d data of cape jasmine fruit 2

3d data of cape jasmine fruit 3

3d data of astragalus

3d data of dry tangerine

3d data of dry tangerine 2

With such tiny sizes and rich details, the combination of KSCAN-Magic 3D laser scanner and iReal 3D mapping software really provides a cost-effective 3D digital solution to a high standard.

View 3D models of the Traditional Chinese Medicine