Stunning Colors! Recreate Monkey·D·Luffy of Japanese Anime “One Piece” in 30 Minutes

Nov 16, 2022

Are you also a fan of the classic Japanese anime “One Piece”? The realistic Monkey·D·Luffy action figure reminds us of our childhood watching “One Piece”. So, what will happen if we make a high-definition 3D model of it?

With a Scantech 3D laser scanner and iReal 3D mapping software, the 3D scanning and texture mapping process has become way simpler and smoother than before.

3d scan monkey d luffy

The 3D scanner we used this time was KSCAN-Magic 3D laser scanner. Its resolution is up to 0.01 mm and the highest accuracy can reach 0.02 mm, which can basically meet most 3D scan requirements. No need to stick mark points on the action figure, just put it on a standing workholder with enough mark points, and this will help the data alignment.

3D scanned model
3D scanned model

Import the 3D scan data to GOM Inspect. You can optimize the data if there is any flaw with the model. The next important step is to collect multi-angle photos of the action figure. Always remember to put a turntable and a patterned pad under it.

take pictures of monkey d luffy - 3D Mapping Software

Select the photos you just took, and import them to iReal 3D mapping software.

import pictures of monkey d luffy

The following steps are essential to make a final 3D color model.

The relative orientation of photos

alignment - 3D Mapping Software

Complete registration

complete registration - 3D Mapping Software

Real-time seam line editing

seam line editing - 3D Mapping Software

Look at the finished 3D color model: highly accurate in details and high-definition colors.

finished 3d model - 3D Mapping Software

finished 3d model-backView the models in 3D

Unlike photo modeling, using a 3D laser scanner and iReal 3D mapping software to make such a high-definition 3D color model is incredibly fast and easy.

The requirements for the operator are relatively low, as long as you watch the tutorial video and have the proper devices, you can get started easily. Why don’t you have a FREE TRIAL yourself?