How to Restore a Highly Alike Transparent Tea Drink Bottle with iReal 3D Mapping Software

Sep 29, 2022

We picked this Jasmine tea drink bottle randomly from a convenience store. Let’s see what will happen if we use a 3D scanner and iReal 3D mapping software to create a 3D plastic bottle.

  • 3D scanner: SIMSCAN 3D scanner
  • Texture mapping: iReal 3D Mapping Software

Process of 3D digitizing the tea drink bottle

We used the SIMSCAN 3D scanner to collect the 3D data of the tea drink bottle. Put it on a turntable so that we can easily scan the bottle from different angles. The challenge is to capture the 3D data of the transparent part, which may require scanning powder to help.

The alignment was mainly processed with the help of the marker points on the turntable, with which the 3D scanner can easily tell the geometric and texture features of the plastic bottle, including the package information.

3d scan tea drink bottle
3D scan the bottle with SIMSCAN
(Note: For the transparent part of the bottle, you can use scanning powder to improve the data quality.)

Once the scanning is finished, import the 3D data to GOM Inspect. The shape and the edges all look exactly the same as the real bottle.

Import 3D data
Import 3D data

The next important step is to take enough photos of the bottle with our phone (If you have a SLR camera to do this, it will be better). In this step, you can place a patterned pad between the bottle and the turntable, which can help increase the texture features of the bottle.

When taking pictures, remember to rotate the turntable to capture the bottle from every different angle. This will improve the texture mapping quality.

Take 30 photos of bottle from multiple angles
Take 30 photos of bottle from multiple angles
(Note: a patterned pad is placed under the bottle to increase the texture features.)

The preparation work is done. Open the iReal 3D mapping software and import the photos.

Import photos to iReal 3D Mapping Software
Import photos to iReal 3D Mapping Software

The relative orientation can be done within a couple of minutes (It depends on the number of photos). It adopts the texture features (the main part) between the photos, automatically calculate, complete the relative spatial position sorting of all photos, and then builds a sequence virtual camera and features sparse vertice for all photos.

Relative orientation of photos - iReal 3D Mapping Software
Relative orientation of photos

The function of real-time seam line editing is to refine the defective maps, such as maps that are not completely matched or local maps with reflections, out-of-focus blurred photos, etc. In this step, you can greatly optimize the mapping quality.

Real-time seam line editing - iReal 3D Mapping Software
Real-time seam line editing

Finished 3D tea drink bottle

It is worth mentioning that we want to make the 3D tea drink bottle looks like a real one as much as possible, so we manually added some bubbles in the upper and bottom of the bottle respectively. This can be realized by the function of Adobe Photoshop plug-in.

3d tea drink bottle - iReal 3D Mapping Software
3d tea drink bottle-side - iReal 3D Mapping Software
3d tea drink bottle-bottom - iReal 3D Mapping Software