Creating a Virtual Hogwarts via 3D Scanning

Aug 19, 2022

Driven by the passion for the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling, iReal 3D decided to 3D scan an action figure of Harry Potter. The real time-consuming part of this project for our experienced application engineer is the post-processing of the 3D scan data.

3D scanning the action figure

● Product Model: SIMSCAN 3D Scanner
● Product Type: Metrology-grade Blue Laser 3D Scanner
● Brand: Scantech

As a metrology-grade 3D laser scanner, SIMSCAN can easily capture the highly accurate three-dimensional data of the Harry Potter toy. Before scanning, stick some marker stickers around the toy to help with the alignment, within a couple of minutes, the complete 3D data of the toy can be collected.

3d scanning a toy

3d scan a toy

simscan and an action figureSIMSCAN: Accuracy is up to 0.02 mm

Post-processing of the 3D scan data

With the highest accuracy of 0.02 mm, capturing complete and accurate 3D data of the toy for SIMSCAN is easy. “I wanted to create a 3D figure that people can feel like they are truly in the wizarding world with Harry Potter, so I started my work on Blender.” said by Will Ma, an experienced application engineer from iReal 3D.

Step one: Import the STL file to Blender

import 3d data to blender

import 3d scan data to blender

Step two: Unfold the UV

3d mapping

Step three: 3D mapping

Step three: 3D mapping

3d color mapping

Step four: 3D model optimization

3d model

3d model-

Step five: Rendering

Step five: Rendering

The 3D scanning technology is supposed to bring more fun to life, and 3D digitizing the world we see. At iReal 3D, we believe everything you see in life, there is a way to 3D digitize it.