iReal 3D Helps Create Digital Humans and Build the “Metaverse”

Jun 27, 2022

In the past two years, it seems like more and more people are talking about the “Metaverse”. The concept has brought new web traffic for the online marketing of various businesses.

Whether it’s the “Metaverse” that Mark Zuckerberg wants to create that allows users to live a “second life” in a virtual world, or the “Metaverse” that the e-commerce industry wants to build to allow users to enter a virtual shopping platform, to realize these concepts, the 3D scanning technology is crucial in every aspect.

The application of 3D scanning technology in the “Metaverse” can be realized by a set of steps: 3D scanning objects/people – model optimization with the help of third-party 3D design software – combined with the Virtual Reality (VR) technology to create a virtual world.

How to Creat 3D Digital Humans

1. iReal 3D Body Scanning

The first step is using iReal 3D handheld color scanner to 3D scan the person. Its infrared invisible structured light is completely safe to human eyes, within a few minutes, the complete 3D data of the scanned person can be collected.

iReal 3D Body Scanning

2. Optimizing 3D Scan Data

Then, we transfer the scan data into third-party software (e.g.: ZBrush) to post-process.

Optimizing 3D Scan Data

3. Adjusting Topologies

This step is to adjust the topologies of the 3D face model so that it conforms to the direction of the facial muscles and also meets the animation production requirements.

Adjusting Topologies

4. Virtual Figure

Now, we have successfully finished the virtual figure. It can rotate and move with your operations.

3D Virtual Figure

5. Bond Binding

To make the virtual figure more life-like, the bond binding is necessary. It is often conducted on third-party software such as Maya, Blender, etc.

Bond Binding

6. Motion Capture + Online Virtual Livestreaming

Through the MotionCapture software, the different movements of a person are recorded to make the movements of the virtual figure more realistic.

Motion Capture

You can watch the video below to see the entire process.

Application Scenarios of Digital Humans

The digital human has a wide range of application scenarios. In addition to helping the building of “Metaverse”, it can also be used for online virtual live streaming of e-commerce platforms, virtual news broadcasts in the news industry, etc. Once a complete digital human system is established, enterprises can save costs to the maximum extent and realize higher economic benefits.