3D Scanning the Car Floor Mat with iReal 2E

May 20, 2022

The automotive market is developing rapidly, the car floor mat manufacturers and factories have to keep an eye on the latest vehicle models that coming to the market from time to time and produce perfect-fit car floor mats for each vehicle model. 3D scanning the car floor mat to obtain accurate data to produce a suitable mat is a cost-effective choice for those manufacturers and factories.

Good car floor mats have to contain a number of benefits simultaneously. First and the most importantly, the car floor mat must fit perfectly, with no empty space left and no extra material. Secondly, it needs to bring comfort to people stepping on it. The following can be bonus point factors: the appearance, the types of materials, etc.

Some of our customers in the car floor mat industry have used iReal 2E 3D scanner to capture the data of the car floor mats. The iReal 2E supports three alignment modes: texture alignment, feature alignment and mixed alignments. It allows the user to switch among different modes when scanning different parts of the automotive.

In addition, iReal 2E can work with or without markers under different circumstances. Therefore, we will show you the two types of scanning conditions: with markers and without markers.

3D scanning the car floor mat without markers

3D scanning car floor mat with markers

3D Scanning Car Floor Mat

3D Marker Scanning

Scanned Result

The major steps of converting 3D data into 2D drawing

1. Global registration of 3D data to adjust the coordinates in Geomagic Wrap.

Global Registration

2. Manually linking each point based on the structure of the auto foot mat to extract the edge lines.

Linking Points

3. Creating and reconstructing to obtain smooth NURBS surfaces.

NURBS Surfaces

4. Flattening the NURBS surfaces to convert into 2D shapes.

Convert into 2D Shapes

5. Drawing and optimizing its CAD outlines.

CAD Outlines

6. Sewing to get the finished product according to the CAD outlines.

Finished Product Drawing

With high-precision 3D data, the car floor mat manufacturers can mass-produce mats according to each vehicle model and brand, with a more personalized experience.