How the 3D Scanning Helps with the Healing of Diabetic Foot Infection

Aug 17, 2022

When it comes to diabetes, the worst thing about it is its complications. The foot infection is one that is regarded as a serious complication, ranging in severity from superficial paronychia to deep infection involving bone.

One of the application engineers from iReal 3D went to a hospital in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, to help the recovery of diabetic foot infection by 3D scanning as data support for further treatment.

3d scanning wounds3D scanning the infectious foot with iReal 2E

Why is iReal 2E suitable for 3D medical scanning?

Before that, iReal 3D already had many previous practical experiences in the field of medical rehabilitation. iReal 2E handheld 3D scanner is popular in the market of medical rehabilitation due to the following reasons:

● It can 3D scan without sticking markers on the injured/infectious body part, such a non-contact scanning method can avoid the potential infections to a large extent.

● It has a large Field of View, which gives more freedom to the operator. The doctors or nurses can start scanning easily without long-time training.

● It adopts an infrared VCSEL light source, a 100% safe light source for direct eye scanning and human body scanning. And its LED-OFF mode supports invisible scanning, which can avoid the discomfort brought by the strong glare of direct light.

● The scanning can be done in a dark environment, which is user-friendly for situations when naked body scanning is required (For instance, when 3D scanning women with breast cancer, the lights can be turned off to offer a comfortable environment for patients).

The process of the wound treatment

Once the scanning is done, import the 3D scan data to GOM Inspect software to measure surface area, depth, and size. Compared with the traditional way of medical treatment, the 3D scanning method can measure the diabetic foot infection with more accurate data, which can be reliable data support for 3D printing orthotics and providing personalized medical treatment for each patient.

3d wound measurement

3d wound measurement and treatment

wound measurement

Wound measurement is vital in monitoring the healing process and evaluating the effect of treatment, while iReal 3D scanning is a precise and reliable method to capture the 3D data of wounds, especially for large and irregularly shaped wounds.