3D Scanning Characters in Medieval Madness with SIMSCAN

May 23, 2022

Medieval Madness is a classic Williams pinball machine released in June 1997. It has been ranked as the second-highest pinball machine, enjoying an extremely high reputation worldwide. Technicians from SCANTECH 3D used SIMSCAN, one of our most popular 3D laser scanners, to 3D scan the characters in this pinball game.

3D Medieval Madness

3D Medieval Madness 2

SIMSCAN 3D laser scanner is equipped with a metrology-grade measurement system. Its accuracy is up to 0.02 mm, which makes it possible to capture 3D data with high definition. However, it does not support color scanning, the mapping is required when post-processing the scan data.

3D Data of Medieval Madness

3D Data of Medieval Madness 2

3D Data of Medieval Madness 3

3D Data of Medieval Madness 4

3D Data of Medieval Madness 5

Such highly-detailed 3D models of popular pinball characters can be used with VR and AR technologies in the gaming industry. For example, the gaming company can launch a marketing campaign based on the virtual 3D characters to promote the game. If you have similar need, feel free to contact iReal 3D!