3D Scanning a Cute Panda Sculpture with iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

Aug 09, 2022

Product Model: iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

Resolution: 0.5 mm

Time of Scanning: 1 minute

Panda is recognized as one of the most iconic symbols when speaking of Chinese culture. As a born and raised Chinese brand, iReal 3D has always been dedicated to the goal of becoming the leading Chinese brand in 3D digitization.

This cute panda sculpture was covered in black and white colors with bamboo in its hand. Despite its rough surface and smaller size, this sculpture looks quite like a real panda. Inspired by it, iReal 3D decided to capture its 3D data using an iReal 2E color 3D scanner.

Advantages of using iReal 2E to scan the panda sculpture

There are multiples reasons that we believe iReal 2E is perfect for 3D scanning this cute panda sculpture:

  • It has a large Field of View (580 x 550 mm) and Depth of Field (720 mm), which give more freedom when operating and can avoid alignment error to a large extent.
  • Its color scanning ability reduces the cost of post-processing.
  • The smart algorithm allows it to automatically distinguish the dark and light colors, there is no need to switch modes manually.
  • For sculptures like this one, you can use the feature alignment mode to capture the complete 3D data within 1 minute, which greatly reduces the time of sticking markers.

3D scanning the panda sculpture with iReal 2E

3D scanning the panda sculpture with iReal 2E3D scanning the panda sculpture with iReal 2E

3D Scanning result of the cute panda sculpture

Now, we look at the photos below to see how the 3D data look.

3D mesh interface

3D mesh interface3D mesh interface
View the full 3D model here

The cute panda sculpture is a great tool to check the scanning ability of iReal 2E.