3D Apparel Custom Design with iReal 2E

Apr 28, 2022

When we go shopping for clothes, we often find that the size of the clothes may not be a perfect fit, not to mention the pandemic which has already made the shopping experience much more inconvenient.

Luckily, in recent years, some Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality companies have managed to take advantage of the AR and VR technologies to help solve the problems encountered in both offline and online shopping, including apparel customization, virtual try-on on e-commerce platforms, etc. A 3D scanner is a cost-effective and high-precision tool in this application.

In the apparel customization industry, compared with the traditional modeling methods, the most obvious advantage of using 3D scanners in modeling is its high-accuracy data. Take iReal 2E 3D color scanner as an example, it has several superiorities in 3D scanning humans.

1. It adopts infrared structured light, 100% safe for humans

2. Its non-light scanning mode ensures a comfortable and user-friendly scanning experience

3. The iReal 2E 3D scanner has a large Field of View (FoV), it is very easy to operate and even for alignment

Watch the video below to find out how to collect 3D data on the human body for apparel design.

The scanning process includes the following steps:

1. The scanned person needs to stand upright, also, she can hold two plastic cups to stay balanced and still

2. iReal 2E 3D scanner is strapped on the slide and moves up and down as the slide goes, in order to capture the complete data of the scanned person

3. The round disk below her was rotating regularly, to help the 3D scanner obtain her body data from different angles

4. The whole scanning process takes about one minute, and then the complete data of her body is collected

5. Import the scan data into iReal 3D software and third-party software to conduct the post-processing work