Scientific Research and Education

3D technology provides artists, architects, engineers and other professionals with an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail when creating models and prototypes. It is also playing an increasingly important role in education and research.

For example, medical students are now able to study three-dimensional models of the human body to better understand anatomy and physiology. Researchers can also use 3D models to study complex problems such as the spread of disease.

3D technology is one of the most rapidly evolving industries today. As technology continues to develop, the demand for qualified professionals in this field is also growing.

There is an inevitable gap between the increasing demand of 3D digitization and the shortage of 3D technical talents. As a result, more and more universities and scientific institutions are beginning to cultivate 3D technical talents by adding related courses and training, both theoretically and practically.

It is worth noticing that some universities and research institutions have built long-run cooperation with 3D digitization companies, and iReal 3D is one of them. We provide valuable 3D cases for those who are interested in 3D digitization to investigate and develop the skill, and then benefit society with their advanced 3D knowledge.


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