Medical Rehabilitation

3D digitization is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of an object. This process can be used to create models of both physical objects and digital objects. 3D digitization has a wide range of applications, including medical rehabilitation. Medical rehabilitation refers to the process of helping patients recover from injuries or illnesses. This technology can be used to create custom rehabilitation programs that are tailored to each patient’s needs.

By far, the most common application of 3D digitization in medical rehabilitation is custom-made prosthetic and orthotic devices for patients based on their 3D scanned data. As a result, they can get better treatment. This type of medical solution requires the adopted 3D scanner to have features such as a high-precision and safe scanning experience.

iReal 3D uses non-contact infrared structured light, which causes no harm to the scanned body part. It provides highly-accurate geometrical features to offer reliable data support for making suitable medical treatment devices.

3D digitization is a new and exciting technology that has the potential to revolutionize medical rehabilitation. If you are interested in this technology, we encourage you to learn more about how it can be used to help patients recover from injuries and illnesses.


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