Digital Humans

As technology advances, new and innovative ways of scanning the human body are being developed. One of the latest trends in this field is 3D body scanning, which uses special equipment to create a three-dimensional image of the body.

Human body scanning can have a wide range of applications, from 3D printing artistic portraits to creating digital doubles for use in film, television, and animation. CG characters and healthcare rehabilitation are other potential uses for this technology.

Despite the numerous applications for human body scanning, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. Facing the challenge of thin hair scanning, we created the hair/black material enhancement scanning mode to capture the whole data. Furthermore, we developed scanning stabilization algorithms to automatically remove displacements caused by slight movement from the scanned person.

In conclusion, 3D scanning is playing an increasingly important role in digital humans. Learn more about how we are using 3D scanning to create digital humans from our detailed cases.


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