Cultural Relics and Archaeology

3D scanning technology is so far known as the most effective way for heritage restoration and museum digitization. With 3D scanners, we are able to create highly accurate and detailed models of objects and structures, which can be used for a variety of purposes, from preservation to restoration to research. Its abilities of data capturing and detail restoring have greatly helped human civilizations to pass on to our future generations nowadays.

This technology is especially valuable for cultural relics and archaeological sites that are difficult to access, such as those located in remote areas or underwater. Thanks to our professional 3D scanners, the damaged part of an antique can be restored once its 3D geometric data are gathered and analyzed. People can enjoy a wide range of selections of digital museums around the world.

In the upcoming future, as the 3D digitization technology constantly improves, 3D digitization will contribute to cultural relics and archaeology more than we expected.


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