3D Scanning Applications

iReal 2E is a cost-effective color 3D scanner upgraded by Scantech. It has a large depth of field and scanning area, and is specially designed for medium to large-sized objects, portraits, and human body scanning.

The 3D digitization system is composed of a handheld color 3D scanner, 3D data acquisition and post-processing software. You can scan medium and large-sized cultural relics, artworks, sculptures, portraits, human body parts, and car modified parts in the laboratory or on-site.

This system can easily obtain 3D data of the surfaces of the items, and generate standard 3D data formats (asc, stl, obj, etc.) through the software’s own post-processing algorithm for data output. This facilitates engineers to use third-party software for model modification/design, reprocessing, or 3D printing directly from the scanned data if it is complete.

The iReal 3D scanner is widely used in many fields, such as human body modeling, medical rehabilitation, art design, etc. In addition, iReal 3D provides professional one-stop 3D digitization solutions to customers.

Explore More Details of iReal Professional Handheld 3D Color Scanner

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Explore more details of iReal professional handheld 3D color scanner