A Workshop for Virtual Reality and 3D Scanning

Apr 20, 2022

Varcade GmbH is a VR technology company dedicated to VR game experiences, VR equipment sales as well as VR content development based in Stuttgart, Germany. Recently, Varcade GmbH launched a non-profit 3D scanning workshop, aiming to educate university students about basic knowledge of 3D technology and how the technology affects Virtual Reality in the form of 3D games. Scantech was one of its sponsors, and we chose iReal 2E 3D color scanner as our representative product.

The workshop content

  • Showcase of the 3D scanning technology;
  • A quick introduction of Scantech;
  • Explanation of the uses and benefits of the 3D scanning technology;
  • Explanation of the workflow from object scan to finished rendered objects in 3D game environments;
  • Possibility to use the 3D scanning technology for the purpose of 3D printing projects;
  • Mention various other uses of 3D scanning technology.

3D Scanning Workshop Content

The workshop highlights

iReal 2E is a professional handheld 3D scanner with resolution up to 0.20 mm and accuracy up to 0.30 mm. It is a perfect choice when combined with VR technology in games because it supports high-precision 3D color scanning, which makes the virtual world more immersive and animated. Furthermore, it has a large Field of View, works better on medium to large-sized objects and is user-friendly even for beginners. It is fair to say that iReal 2E is a perfect tool for students who have not yet known 3D scanning technology well.3D Scanning Workshop Highlights

The workshop outcome

At the end of the day, students have better understood the concept of 3D scanning and its influences in many industries, such as games, TV animations, motion pictures, etc. And some of the students had shown a great interest in further education and practice in 3D digitization.

A 3D Scanning Workshop with Varcade GmbH

Scantech is a company dedicated to the research and development of 3D digitization. We believe in the importance of 3D digitization in the education field and strive to help develop more and more 3D digitization talents in all kinds of ways.