Happy Panda

3D scanner: SIMSCAN laser 3D scanner
3D scanner resolution: 0.15 mm
Number of photos taken: 97
3D model color texture mapping software: iReal 3D Mapping Software

3D Scanning

We used SIMSCAN laser 3D scanner to scan this panda ornament with its 0.15 mm resolution. During the 3D scanning process, we placed it horizontally for 3D scanning and needed to perform data alignment twice. Because of the unevenness of the panda object surface, when placing it horizontally, you can put something under the object to fix it so that it will not shake during the 3D scanning and cause data mislayer. Take care to adjust the exposure value appropriately. For this model, the operation is relatively simple, and there is basically no mislayer in the data alignment.

Photo Shooting

After obtaining the monochrome 3D model, it was time to move on to photography. We took three laps around the panda ornament, two around the front and one around the back, and then took an additional photo of the bottom. Note that before the object is photographed, wipe the object clean, because the panda itself is black and white in color, a little dust or stain will be clearly photographed under the macro camera.

iReal 3D Mapping Software

After the 3D model and photos are prepared, you can use the iReal 3D Mapping Software to texture map it. This time, you need to do the relative orientation in two groups, one group of two circles on the front and one group of one circle on the back. The point cloud results of the two groups of relative orientation may be relatively sparse, so we need to carry out dense reconstruction, note that the dense reconstruction should be carried out directly after the relative orientation, not after the absolute orientation, otherwise it will lead to different results. After all the two groups are processed in the photo library, we will do mapping at the same time. Since there are enough photos, the seam lines do not need to be edited, so we can directly export them in uniform color and then single mapping a bottom surface.