Engine Hood of Motorcycle

3D Scanner: iReal M3

Resolution: 0.2 mm

Info: We used the iReal M3 to scan the side covers of the motorcycle engine. Since it is a highly reflective object, we used powder spray. While it can be scanned without spray, the scanning efficiency will be reduced and the quality of the scan data will be relatively noisy. We took a single scan approach and not the front and back alignment method. Before scanning, be careful to put something under it to avoid the desktop data. Stick as many markers as possible to both ends of the engine side before scanning, because the curvature is large, and if the number of marks is not enough, it is not possible to ensure that the scanner can see more than four marks at the same time. When scanning, pay attention to the scanning of some round holes and gaps on the inside, try to scan these parts for a longer time, during which you can apply the Data Quality Color Map function to check the data quality. After obtaining a 3D model of this engine side cover, it can be used for motorcycle reverse, modification, etc.