3D Sheet Metal Part

3D scanner: TrackScan tracking 3D scanning system
3D scanner resolution: 0.4 mm
Number of photos taken: 76
3D model color texture mapping software: iReal 3D Mapping Software

3D Scanning

We used the TrackScan 3D scanner to scan this sheet metal part with a resolution of 0.2 mm. No need to stick markers on the item, just 3D scan it directly with TrackScan, which has greatly shortened the working time and improved the efficiency. We only need the 3D data of one side of this sheet metal part, so we need to pay attention to the data integrity of each edge during the 3D scanning. After the 3D scanning is completed, there is no need for any post-processing, just generate the mesh directly in the TViwer software.

Photo Shooting

We used a camera with a normal lens this time. This sheet metal part has a large area and does not have much texture detail, and the practical purpose of the scanned model does not have a high requirement for detail restoration, so there is no need for a macro lens. When taking photos, note that the photo overlap rate needs to be above 50%, from left to right, shoot the photo overlapping. Three horizontal shots, one at the top and one at the bottom. We took a total of 76 photos of the sheet metal parts for the mapping.

iReal 3D Mapping Software

After the 3D model and photos were prepared, we performed color texture mapping in iReal 3D mapping software. We should simplify the model file first before the mapping process to improve efficiency. For this sheet metal part case, as long as the photo overlap is ensured during the shooting process, the mapping result shall be fine. In the later stage, we should pay attention to removing the reflective metal parts and adding matcap so that the 3D model will show better results.